Betway Casino - Betway Gambling club sayin im breaking

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Overview: Requesting a self-exclusion from an online casino, no matter if it’s for a certain period of time or permanent, is probably the most serious action a player can take. Basically, to self-exclude from a casino means to close your account and to stop receiving any promotional e-mails, news and letters. Most common reason for this exclusion is if a player detects a certain degree of a gambling addiction. The online operator is obliged to cooperate as fast as possible and is not allowed to use any delay tactics or trying to dissuade player, but has to fulfill player’s will immediately. Be aware that most of the online casinos would ask you to send an e-mail or letter to verify unambiguously your request for a self-exclusion. Since such an action is very serious and cannot be reversed during the period stated at the time of closing the account, we sincerely advise you to think twice prior requesting the casino to act.

Symptoms: Usually when a casino refuses, delays or does not cooperate accordingly with a player who requested a self-exclusion, due to some degree of a gambling addiction.

Before submitting the complaint: In order to have your complaint successfully resolved, it is crucial to identify the main problem and/or concern, which lead to the delay. There are few questions and answers, listed below, which may help you identify the case better and even reconsider your intention to submit a complaint.