Novibet Casino - Deactivated account rewards with held pending extensive examination

User: Yasmine, Disputed casino: Novibet Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 4000 £, Published: 18.10.2019

On the 21st of September 2019 I enlisted with Novibet. Before I was permitted to store I needed to have my account checked. When my account had been confirmed I gotten a warning that day and felt certain that everything was well to begin playing. I stored £100 and picked the reward of £100. It gave the idea that the exchange didn't experience as it didn't show up in my equalization. I felt it had not worked so I along these lines kept another £100. Following this I found that I at that point had a parity of £300 made up of £200 own cash and £100 reward. I was disturbed as I had stored £200 of my own cash however never the less I figured it would imply that I would have a chance of playing £200 of my own cash before betting and of the reward on the grounds that betting would just start once I was playing on the reward cash. I was fortunate and figured out how to win an equalization of £4200 before utilizing any of the reward cash. I chose to pull back £4200 and was inquired as to whether I needed to relinquish my extra assets and I concurred I did. I could securely observe that my withdrawal had appeared as pending in two augmentations one of £4000 and one of £200. The following morning on 22nd of September 2019 I chose to turn around the £200.00 and left the £4000 to be prepared as a withdrawal. I was playing with the £200 I had turned around and seen I had an email soliciting me to transfer a duplicate from my bank card which I did. I figured out how to transfer and old photograph of my bank card accidentally and before long remedied this with a live duplicate on that morning. While playing with my £200.00 I turned around I was kicked of the site and deactivated. At the point when I reached them promptly they said that my account had been deactivated on the grounds that it had been alluded to security. I inquired as to why and to what extent would it take to which they answered. I would hear by means of email once the examination has been finished. I have from that point forward reached them regularly requesting them to heighten this and give me an explanation regarding why it is taking such a long time and what their timescales would be. Each time I am offered a similar response that it isn't finished and I must show restraint. I am at where I am exasperated and I can't find any solutions or progress refreshes. I have even said I need to address somebody senior and they fundamentally don't raise this. Most definitely I played their openings and didn't utilize their reward and played with my own cash. I have likewise offered further ID whenever required however I can't go anyplace. Would you be able to please take my case forward for me please as I am not getting anyplace at all and can't find any solutions. All I need is my cash that is legitimately mine. To the extent I am mindful I have not penetrated any terms and conditions. Much thanks to you for your assist I with anticipating got notification from you. In the event that you need any additional data please contact me.


Novibet Casino

Hello Yasmine,

Thank you for raising this by means of the KoiSlots forum.

As you most likely are aware as of now at this point, and if not, if it's not too much trouble permit us to affirm that your withdrawal has been prepared and your account was reactivated. It would be ideal if you connect with help in the event that you have extra questions.

Thank you by and by for your understanding and collaboration all through this procedure and we plan to see you back on our website.

We apologize for any burden caused,
The Novibet Team


Dear @Yasmine,

Please affirm if the issue has been settled. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time allotment we will think about your issue as settled and your objection will be shut as needs be. It would be ideal if you remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in a convenient way is an unquestionable requirement.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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