Willy’s Hot Chillies

By NetEnt Willy’s Hot Chillies ™ slot is the package fiery punch multiplier wilderness. Willy hot chili ™ slot play and brilliant casino bonuses. Check out our list of brilliant quotes over hot chili X2, X3, X4 or X5 multiplier Willie can be in games.netent.com/video-slots/willys-hot-chillies/. If two or more multipliers winning bet line appears in the wilderness, which increases the multiplier. And the wilderness of the heap in the land of bonus symbols together and launched Willy hot wheels! Willie hot peppers have a special treat for you! A multiplier to cover the entire reel having a wild symbol or a plurality of stacked reels with symbols land bonus round function activated Wiley hot!

Slot Provider

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Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot Review

Happy summer jump into the hot, hot pepper dose Willie! No, this is not a beach or in a delicious sauce new, you can squeeze a nice bottle to buy a new taco bar in; this is a fantastic NetEnt from some of the exciting features video slot machines, will you a new reason for the rotation of the reel hotspots. This video slot has a refreshing Mexican setting, full of burritos, pinata, cactus and sombrero. Beautifully designed presentation to experience some of the gorgeous animation by work together to create an immersive visual stimulation, lifelike. Audio and soundscapes are not much to write home about, though. We can not help but feel that there are other options have been made in this sector, the overall performance will be taken to another level. Unfortunately, the audio may not have taken anything from the experience, and it does make a video slot feels a bit empty and incomplete. Luckily, there are brilliant overall function forefront excited! Willie hot red pepper can choose NetEnt licensed casinos and compatible with all desktop and mobile devices. Without further ado, let's dig into the card slot of this kind of spicy pot, waiting for you to tell you all the functions and features on this tasty adventure in!

Multiplier Wild Symbols

Wild symbol is a common sight in most graphics slot offers players get in a winning combination, a second chance. Wild symbols can be transformed into any symbol on the reels, it can help you get a winning combination. In hot chili Willie's, they serve the same purpose and more! The wild symbol carry a multiplier can range from X1 to X5. Wilderness can even landed in the stack, you cover your reel, and give you a heavy multiples, when they put together. In addition, wild symbol is required to access Willy hot wheels coveted prize mode of the game, but then we'll discuss it.

Bonus Symbol
If you are lucky enough to get a bonus symbol, you will meet with Mingwei Li graphics slot and begins bid to enter the bonus mode game. Willie will land at the leftmost reel, along with the wide-brimmed hat and goatee heart shaped his trusty. Once the bonus symbol revealed, the rest will roll right engulfed in flames, looking for a wild symbol of the possibility of the game brought Willie hot wheels. You need at least a wild symbol do so, but other symbols will increase your number of rotation of the wheels, extend further bonus mode.

Willy’s Hot Wheel
This bonus mode is Willie spicy adventure really gets interesting. The combination of these two symbols and a bonus of at least one wild symbol and you'll finally be able to enter Willy hot wheels. Bonus mode occurs in a single horizontal movement of the reel in place. The wheel will be issued containing the winning wilderness fire pointer, which will determine the bonus levels you can ask for their bonus reel. These rewards can be very different, and include the following:

Coins transport: The most common bonus is awarded on the wheel, coin op will display a number, your bet will be multiplied by the rate of addition of chili multiplier bonus win for you.
+3 spin: This symbol pointer on the fire, claiming reward, you increase your chances of winning the ultimate reward of more than three additional spin.
Additional firefighting pointer: a pointer to additional fire will add another one of these rewards reel claiming bad boy. It is increased by another lighting odds bonus reel bagging. Each has its own fire pointers can increase the number of rotations of the spin symbol +3.
Pepper brand Multiplier: The multiplier symbol Pepper brand will increase your overall multiplier bonus game. This will not fire even if the pointer lands, you can still claim their rewards and increase you'll get a bonus coin win.

When all the fire spin pointer has run out, your final tally will be awarded the prize promised you will return to the main game more spin and return Willie hot wheels in some bonus honor another chance! This is a huge bonus mode, and from some of the tedious free rotation mode, other video slot has a refreshing change.


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