Wild Toro

Experience the epic showdown between two fierce rivals who once were best friends. Toro, the proud and charming champion, and his challenger, the sneaky Matador, Diaz Jr.

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  • caret Elk Studios

Wild Toro Introduction

Through two fierce rivals who used to be an epic showdown between the best friends. Toro, proud and charming champion, and his challenger, the sneaky matador, small Diaz. The mere sight malicious matador was furious enough to Toro, Toro go wild. Really crazy! Charging want to dust steam train, he beat all the visual Matador wild symbol and leaves behind a large-scale build-up. In an exciting bonus game high tempo Toro went wild, restless to settle down until Toro has been completely defeated his persistent challenger. Wild Toro is designed for mobile for the first time and offer an exciting mix of action and full of wild, walking along with the catchy music wilderness, rework and freespins. Connected win line generating 178 points to win, by the action of the winning coins 22.5 opportunity to fill up reel slot 5.
Flags in the wind, playing music and people cheered and waved. Now is the time to start the celebration! The whole town and the expected vibrations. The crowd gathered around the market square, the center point of the action, and there are always two sides fans.
Who do you like best?

Toro Walking Wild

Toro wild symbol appears on the right most reel, and Red Bull walking wild feature is triggered each symbol hit. Toro from the right by the movement of the reel spool to the left and fires every move followed by a rotation. This feature will continue until it reaches Toro left-most reel, and then collected a bonus payment.

Toro Goes Wild bonus game
Intense and full of action, "Red Bull go wild" bonus each time landing a matador beginning of the game, at any shaft position, Red Bull wild feature during walking. Red Bull will immediately become angry, angry bull and matador in the sight of all attacks, clues left behind at a wild symbol and then rotate. Toro returned to his normal self, Red Bull walking wild once all the matador was defeated.
Only a Toro actively attack the matador.

Matador Respin Challenge
Three matador playing in the same rotation triggering matador then rotate challenge the middle reel. This feature Bullfighter all symbols are sticky, to produce a further rotation of each bullfighter. Matador taunts and malicious challenge the Red Bull, which greatly increases the chances of hitting Toro in the final reel. Each additional matador appears when then rotate bring additional challenges matador re-spin. At the end of the functions of all the matador rework operation, or if the Red Bull seems to accept the challenge.


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