Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits

All things have gone cubic fruity slot from NetEnt this adventure. Walk Staxx: Cube ™ is 5-reel fruit, row 3, line 10 (fixed) video slot machine with wild substituted huge symbols, bonus bet attaching additional opportunities and walking Staxx rework.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits introduction

Walk Staxx theme: Cube fruits is very simple in the heart, it is clean, straight forward game cartoon aesthetic. Fruit theme is obviously not the first to offer slot machine games in NetEnt Casino - lemon, cherry, watermelon has always been their initial creation of one arm bandit nail. In other Staxx stroll Themes: Cube fruits (except fruit) is a great symbol, which are occupied by a huge wrap reel slots, to maximize you get a winning bet line (see below) the greater the chance of symbols .
There are 10 different symbols stroll Staxx: Cube fruits, these four are symbols (Jack, Queen, King, or Ace), of which 5 are fruits (watermelon, strawberry, lemon, cherry, grape) chip, and finally the wild symbol of.
In stroll Staxx voice: Cube fruit is incredibly relaxing; rustle of leafy trees and dull lotion gently pat a very quiet experience. Music, play it, is a lovely, lively orchestral score, this carefree summer day in the meadows and river banks.
Walk Staxx: Cube fruits programmed and NetEnt design of HD, which means that the game will have a display resolution of 1280 X720, it will look great on your playback device.

Colossal Symbols
Walk Staxx: using cubic fruit which is present in the slot reels, the symbol may be a great symbol 2 × 3 × 3 symbol or symbols 3 a of. Unlike other games, in stroll Staxx: Cube fruits any symbol can reel slot on the land as a great symbol. They can also all or part of the land on the slot reels.

In the remake activated when the primary game is a reel completely covered by a single symbol type. When this happens, the slot will remain in the reel symbols slowly move to the left, to collect any matching symbols, as they go. When the sign they are connected to the adjacent lamination or other connection symbols.
In the reproduction mode, if more complete stack, and then re-starts to rotate.

Bonus Bet: Extra Chance
Walk in Staxx: bet bonus feature is activated when three fruits (see the large button by the coin value) of shares is changed to the level of 15 points per bet coin.
So extra luck mode is activated, if you are using the bonus bet, you manage to activate stroll Staxx then rotate - but not great symbol and a 3 × 3.

Free Spins
There is no freedom in Walk Staxx rotation: Cube fruit itself, but there is another rotation mode (above), which is very similar to a typical free spin mode.

Bet Limits
The minimum value in the bet stroll Staxx: Cube fruit is € 0.1, the maximum bet value is € 300. This is a good range, which means that both high rollers and budget-conscious people will be able to enjoy the game.

Maximum Win
As always, the players want to know what their biggest win of the game yes. In the biggest victory stroll Staxx: Cube fruit is € 10,000, in a single bet line, and maximum overlap victory over € 100,000.


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