Sticky Bandits

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Sticky Bandits Online Video slot

Bandit adhesive is a pay line 30, the groove 5 is mounted volume Quickspin. It has a fascinating Wild West theme, adds layout plus a cactus, railway, desert background. Before you engage in a game, it is always essential adjustable betting range by adjusting the coin denomination setting. This range is from 0.15 to 90, and it is usually paid by 96.5% (return to the player) the ratio of RTP.

Sticky Bandits Free Spins and Bonus

Both robbers are landing rotate freely, substituting cover reel while winning two Bonus- batter and wild symbols. As they landed after the victory means they are stacked and substitute all symbols to create more winning combinations of symbols wilderness. Or, when you land two bonus symbols such as wilderness, they expand to the right, and grant at least 7 degrees of freedom of rotation, which is only possible in the basic game.

Steam game when it is incorporated herein reel or spool 4 with wild or 2, in which only the reel 1 bonus symbol appears alone, it is free to rotate trigger 7. Not only does it rotate freely granted, but until all these free spins to use in the game is still sticky. As long as they are still sticky, you can unlock more freely.

Sticky Bandits Theme and Symbols

Quickspin done a remarkable job slots - it's fast-paced, there is the voice of the West, this is a dramatic Wild West movie. It has been seen on this theme, there are sound effects accompany it with explosives are also included. Other symbols Cool sheriff and a blonde lady partner. Overall, the sound design of high-definition, while the clarity of the screen is clear and realistic.

Win some games on the sound effects and background music to inform players of sync with the screen. From the obvious symbol is part of the story is that the bandits trying to rob steam locomotive. All of this took a dramatic turn with the establishment of a drum rotation spaghetti western music playing away to reveal the unlockables events.

Sticky Bandits RTP and Volatility

Slot is a high variance slot, which means that their media player must win a good chance when the rotation of each reel. It is the volatility of the slot, making it easier to find a winning combination, even on the basis of the game decent pay. Winning a major award, it is a non-progressive jackpot is more difficult, despite the volatility in the high variance slot win.

It has a 96.5% RTP, more often what it means to pay, there is a brilliant balance between winning and losing. Betting adjustment range and give you a better player and more marginal land base to match the rotation of the win. It also can visit you more bonus symbols and wilderness, can increase the win multiplier function even in the absence of strategy.

How to Play Sticky Bandits

Slot has a unique feature is called Interactive Achievement which means that the game has different levels or equivalent bonus round. These levels are divided into four categories, which include bronze, silver, gold, diamonds and rewards from victory multiplier of free spinsOnce you've won in the basic game, you move up a level, and then decide whether to continue playing or not.

If you keep playing, you can still rotate freely and victories continued to grow and triggered by stacking the wilderness. The higher the level you unlock, the greater the larger the multiplier. You won a multiplier to increase the amount of coins can be bet and from the range of 0.5 to 90. The more lines, the higher the number of coins per line and choose, because the odds of winning the big increase in the level of interaction.

Koislots’s Sticky Bandits Review

The game has the range of a fair coin, which means that players can increase the amount of the lower 0.15 credits per spin up to 90. Flash playback means that slot by HD streaming media player is before the start, it has been optimized mobile games. Its themes and symbols are immersive crisp, which makes the game interesting to play. All in all, this is a game, we would recommend.


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