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Playboy Slot

If you search for this phrase and the entire article by chance - then you are in luck, because there will understand pure awesomeness Playboy slot machine game.

Let's go!

What is Playboy slot game?

It's a game (as you probably guessed); slot machine game (you guessed it true wizards) developed by Microgaming. And the famous men's magazine Playboy, in 1953, founded by Hugh Hefner as the theme.

Playboy Slot is a 5 reel game the way 243 points to win. You can bet as low as 30 pence per spin up to £ 15.

Game symbols and bonuses

The game has a symbol layers.

Some low-value, some of the astronomical rewards.

Scatter symbol, is Playboy magazine, and wild symbol is the famous landmark. Symbol is a low chip, complementary metal-letter cards expensive watches and the like. The higher value of the symbol is:

And they’re so beautifully important (hint: bonuses) that they deserve more than a passing mention.

Kimi bonus feature

First, you will play Kimi bonus features, this is where you get a five-fold multiplier 10 free spins. Note: In the beginning, you can only play with Kimi and the other girls in the bonus game are unlocked later. Sofia bonus feature

Once the trigger five times the Playboy club function, you can unlock this function. It lets you run wild with the functions of 15 degree free rotation.

Which is…?

Universal symbol stack get when Playboy logo appears, more and more of a plurality of symbols per roll 1 wild symbol of freedom of rotation of each stack.

Ashley Bonus feature

Once the trigger 10 times the Playboy Club features you unlock this feature. Then you return to the rolling reels feature 20 degree free rotation.

Again, which is…?

Rolling reels feature is that when you get a winning combination of symbols responsible for the explosion, and through the new symbol in place; thus giving you the opportunity to win several times from a spin!

Jillian Bonus

Once triggered Playboy Club has 15 weeks or more time, this feature is unlocked. You get wild night with 25 degree free rotation function.

What is the Wild Night feature?

Wild Night function is triggered randomly and turns up to 5 free spins each reel wild. This is strikingly similar to the immortal romantic, another well-known game by Microgaming's Wild Desire feature.

Conclusion – Playboy slot review- this game is hot or what!?

Interestingly, a lot of beautiful girls- be had- the big prize and is rewards-

Is this game perfect then?

No, this is not right.

It's a big mistake, it will consume you so much, you have to go to sleep to stop playing. But do not be afraid. Once you awaken and rest, you can come back.

The game, bonus, fun, and the kids will be waiting for you.


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