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Ozzy Osbourne Introduction

Ozzy Osbourne is the latest addition to the brand NetEnt rock family. With the line-up already includes: Guns N 'Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead, Ozzy need for overall behavior, you definitely do not want to miss a concert.
This 5 × 3 card slot, and a further 20 fixed bet lines are packed full of features, free spins and a bonus of new betting upgrade and enhance your winning additional free spins and multiplier to provide greater opportunities for cash .
Like all NetEnt released, big care has been taken to ensure that the video slot machine uses the same visual effect is striking as you'd expect anything associated with former Black Sabbath lead singer should be. Gothic theme support the metal madman style and background sounds, which consists of a plurality of the popular Oz songs, will have this style of music first hit, while the reels spin in unison, seemingly beat all the fans.

Bonus Bet
If you wish, you can play with Ozzy Osbourne have a basic share, still enjoy in this game combines rich functionality. However, if you want to turn things up a notch, you can activate the bonus bet to earn additional free spins and multiplier value enhancement.
Instead of the normal multiplier value applies to the free spins bonus round, 2 times and 3 times, when you trigger this feature and bonus bets active, they will increase to 5 and 7 times.
This also improves the overall RTP from 96.30 percent this slot (return to player) - 96.67%, but you know, with the bonus bet active play, your overall stake will double for the game, each 40 coins to play, instead of the usual 20.

At any time, two scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 or 5 basic game, you will trigger another rotation. Sign up fee, we will explain below, will play a role in the rotating reel again.

Symbol Charge Up
Before every free spins bonus round, regardless of when to re-start the rotation, sign up fee function is activated, one of several features offered. You will find that there are two additional master volume set top box, when these activists determined to be applied to the subsequent spin modifiers.
Upper left corner of the cassette (sign of rotation) to the payment from the table, it will be in the upper right via (wherein trimming) cartridge further benefit conferred various modifiers single symbol rotation. These include:
Win coins Features: Each symbol appears in the view awards bonus coins equal a win-win 3.
Wild feature: that appearing on the reels into wild symbols each selected symbol.
Symbol combiner functions: the selected symbol all winning combinations will accept or X2 or X3 multiplier lift. Enabled bonus bet multipliers up to X5 and X7.
Symbols upgrade feature: Each time you select a symbol, it symbolizes the upgrade to the next higher value in the odds table for the spending increase will appear on the reels.

Ozzy Osbourne Free Spins
At any time, two scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 or 5 basic game, you will trigger another rotation. Sign up fee, we will explain below, will play a role in the rotating reel again.
Although there are many ways to earn some Pang Dasheng on the basis of the game, when the real potential of triggering free spins spending this video slot machines became apparent. There are two ways in which you can earn to enter the free spin bonus round. The first one is landed in the spool 3 and 5 three scatter symbols by a single rotation of the base game. Or, you can, if the scatter symbol appears in the re-spinning process of fine-tuning function is activated to rotate freely.
Either way, you will get four free spins when activated, unless you play with a bonus bet is enabled, the beginning of the award, an extra free spins.
Before each freely rotatable, and activates the charging characteristics of the symbol apply the modified symbol. What makes this free rotation so profitable that these modifications left to the free end of the rotation, so basically you can have a lot of multipliers, wilderness, and symbols in your rotation activities to upgrade!
In addition, if the symbol rotation this function reveals a symbol of a decentralized, you will get extra free spins, up to a total of seven.


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