Lost Relics

Lost Relics™ That will take you to find slots in the archaeological mission of the ancient treasures. This exciting slot will have the edge of your seat, it is certainly a big blow, focusing on all the players adventure!

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  • caret NetEnt


Also many other NetEnt slot machine games, lost relic is a hierarchical title. This should not be as much of a surprise because the archaeological point of view, and a few hidden surprises along for the ride. Grid has obtained two additional rows to achieve a 5 × 5 structure - Cluster pocket for receiving Mechanic - closet with a hidden jewel remains of lost crown.
To use this slot direction with the help of lost relics reel cover the excavation site as you dig. A soundtrack inspired people the illusion of increasing the excitement of hunting, capture and around the board to the theme of authentic archaeological tools. As with any casino slot machine game, there are high-income and low-income winning outcome for any of this has a great voice symbol - regardless of cultural relics lost clusters pays state.
Although the loss of cultural relics not use the pay line, you can relax on the minimum bet. NetEnt will not always be looking for anyone prices, why they made it possible to play with real money € 0.20.

Lost Relics' RTP: 96.30%
Video slot build: 5 reels and 5 rows which use NetEnt’s Cluster Pays payout mechanic.
Lost Relics game features: Random Features - Coin Win, Extra Wild, and Extra Scatter, the Lost Relics Free Spins Bonus Round, and Hidden Chests.

While many players will already know sclerosis NetEnt cluster pays, they will want to know exactly how many symbols needed. Unlike other games, there are only the same icons connected either horizontally or vertically, forming a six win. Of course, the number of symbols, the value of a long way to determine the overall expenditure.
There are a few spins to grips with the title, maybe you will see the remains of the lost following a major feature of ... random!

They are completely random, we hear you ask? Ah, first of all, after the coin transportation, extra wild and additional dispersion function can only be a success when the rotation is triggered. The following three events can happen up to five instances, and wins before paying, they will happen. In the main game, it does not have these features random stranger hide has formed a cluster winning symbols below.

When the coin features appear to win in one of the hallmarks of a successful combination, will be awarded to the player 3-30 times the bet one coin victory.
Specific coin winning symbol will still form part of the initial cluster score, the overall total will be added together to access your account.

Next is the extra wild feature. It treats thrown in random locations throughout the grid of three extra wild symbols land, in addition to winning the gathering area or other wild or scatter symbols.
If you're lucky, it might activate another random character. Overall, there is a maximum, giving 15 wild symbols from this event can be, while the wild symbol can also be part of the award-winning multiple clusters.

Finally, additional scattering properties see an additional scatter symbol to the player. There may be rotated from the initial add this functionality to grant no more than three additional scatter symbols.
This is because the three scatter symbols to unlock the lost relic free spin bonus round, with slot games to its next (or in this case, lower) level!


When activated, the reel will suddenly start to move outside the screen to reveal a deep underground pit. Blue house 5 × 5 plate, and the player will find any eyed from the reel (more on that shortly) covering the chest. In keeping with the more lucrative wealth dotted around the screen, free spin bonus round has a lot of coins in a winning situation lost artifacts. Lost only have to watch the video review above to see the remains of our comprehensive and sustained much longer!
However, at the start, lost three scatter symbols grant your heritage on the 10 free spins. These rings are playing out the same bet level and coin value as the main game your initial rotation, adding to the free spins bonus round is triggered any initial bonus spin in the main game.
But there is no time to spin 10 with disappointment, there is definitely an opportunity to further extend this significant event. That's it…

Beneath the ruins of free spins reels you see those lost chest? They are very important! Placed under the chest will be found in the grid of a group of numbers that round is triggered, the space occupied for you. If a winning combination of symbols is made lie on the chest, the space will be, until the entire breast is removed from below the spin excavated. This is the fun begin!

Waiting in every chest is one of the following prizes:

Additional free spins is right to expand our random number in the above review of the round will be given and added to your tally catalyst. In the case of top wild, wild symbol is placed on the board and will stay there until the entire free spins bonus round is complete. Finally, the coin transport will bring push 1-30 times the bet of the player.
I think this is all there is to it? Think again! NetEnt not let your archaeological skills go to waste. Instead, they want to challenge you further. Once the chest has been found that the reel is reset giving way to create a new hidden treasures to a different random location. In addition, there are three different small, medium and large chest size. Only SMEs will be hidden in the first two, but after that it's luck lottery!

To complete our review of the lost remains of the slot, where the real money is bet information. Unlike many other NetEnt games, betting levels range between 1-10 with a coin values ​​between 0.01 and 1 which makes you bet what you want, down to the lowest 0.20 €, up to € 400 per rotation.

For wagers in the main game, the maximum win is up to €120,000 at max bet.


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