Koi Princess

Koi Princess , the latest product from NetEnt , is our most feature-rich slot ever! This memorable game has a theme in Asia, but the players do not need to go all the way to the Far East to experience a variety of different ways to have fun all functions. Koi Princess is a 5 reels and 20 lines with random 1-degree rotation feature, enable dynamic graphics slot next exciting bonus features and bonus betting patterns. Koi Princess ™ fringe players continued their seats feature random accident can occur in any rotation in the main game. Appear in the main game 3 bonus symbols to activate the amazing bonus features 14: Be sure win free spins, wild reels free spins and bonus rounds Win coins.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt


Video slots Koi princess "one-way win-win", Volume 5, lines 3 and 20 with fixed betting lines NetEnt casino game, in which a large amount of a special game function, is (regularly) in place of the wild symbol, bonus betting - mode, then rotate four times to activate random free game master (5-HIT, wild reels, activating a random wilderness and bonuses) and four different bonus features (win free spins, wild reels free spins coin win when the bonus feature round and red).

RTP: 96.23%

Before you start rotating and koi princess graphics slot, the player has a bonus note of the selected mode 'or play slot or not. Under the bonus is activated and betting patterns, while at the same time having the random nature of the main game during each rotation activates the opportunity to increase the cost of doubling. In addition, the extra bonus features "bonus round" and the amount of time possible to win win win free spins mode (see further below). Bonus betting mode can be enabled / disabled at any time between the two rounds.

It will be replaced by any other symbol (except bonus feature symbols), thus creating the highest winning combination is paid regularly Wild symbols anywhere on the reels in the main game. Specialty symbol (random and expand wilderness) can also occur in a variety of random features and additional features video slot Koi princess.

Princess four different video slots koi "random feature" may be activated in the main game. 3 Koi carp out of the playback screen will appear after the game screen at any given moment will suddenly "shrink" Players need to choose one of the following. These koi carp may represent one of the following features random:
  • The 5-Hit Feature:  This function guarantees a free re-spin the following line (winner) bet five symbols during the same randomly selected. This will take the players through free remake stop spinning "Wheel of Fortune" will appear, which determines ensure that all symbols of winning the bet line symbols slotted (except bonus symbol, but including the wild symbol) on it.
  • The Random Wild Feature:  when the selected koi represents a random period Wild Wild wherein the free rotation of 4-9 weeks and then will be placed "as superimposed" on the randomly selected reel in a position to make their "symbol generation of work."
  • The Wild Reels Feature: wherein the reel when wild carp 2-5 randomly selected reel cover completely during the subsequent re wild symbol rotation between the result of the selection of the player.
  • The Bonus Activation Feature: where the function of the reel 1 automatically, during a following game wheel 3 and 5, after this, one of four bonus features (see below) bonus game symbols 3 will be activated. This means that, in fact, is the princess graphics slot koi bonus rounds, "bonus game feature (see below), can be triggered by activating the random nature of this award.
When a video slot koi Princess 4 bonus feature is activated whenever the reel appear in both 3 and 5 (as described above or by a "bonus random activation function") during the main game award 3 symbols. In the case, only two bonus symbol appears on the playback screen, and the screen form in the same game round will "nudge" reels, when a winning bet line (may) have a third bonus feature is enabled. By stopping the spinning wheel, the player determine the final bonus feature is activated. Bonus feature video slot Koi princess is:
  • Sure Win Free Spins: the initial free spins awarded 10 degrees, wherein the front wheel 5 is free to rotate a game (1) covered with wild symbols are automatically placed in a position selected at random. Setting level 20 times the bet coins bet bonus wager level pattern of the coin 40 on the selected "win" in the first round to rotate freely. Subsequently, the amount will win the coin or at least that amount in the largest prize money on any particular win free spins round. So, if less than in the subsequent free spins bonus round game round game of the established "win", your winnings will be "filled" to "must win" amount. If it "must win" game more rounded than the guarantee bonus will be credited. In this case, players will also receive an extra win free spins (which is added to the remaining free to rotate and have won). Promoter is introduced into each of the additional rotation of the cover wild symbol (any position of the reel 3, 4 or 5) is from 6 to win or less freely rotatable.
  • Wild Reels Free Spins:  When the bonus feature is activated wild spool 10 free spins bonus, and random rotation with each reel 1-5 to completely cover (covering) a wild symbol. Wild reel (and their locations) before each free rotation is determined randomly and additional free spins bonus can not win this function.
  • Coin Win awards the player and the current bet is multiplied by a random selection of at least × 15 multiplier instant win coins and up to × 30.
  • Bonus Wheel: if the feature is activated bonus wheel (accompanied Long) 3 layered "Wheel of Fortune" will appear, in which the ring X 1, X 2, X 3 and X 5 sign multiplier, an arrow, "collection" of symbol, the "double up" sign, "win free spins" and "wild reel free Spin" symbol, win prizes and coin symbol in the center of the wheel. Then they have to throw a dice need to determine the position of the wheels will slip appointed by the dragon symbol, will trigger the numbers of the following acts:
  • Multiplier symbols: this bet pay multiplication X 1, X 2, X 3 or X 5;
  • An arrow symbol: an active layer inward movement of the wheel;
  • A double up symbol: doubling the multiplier, the number of wheels on the money won awards. "Double Rise and Fall" may occur up to 2 times, and once applied to double arrow symbol become symbols;
  • The Sure Win / Wild Reels Free Spins symbol: grants either win or wild reel the free spin bonus feature;
  • The Coin Win Jackpot: rewards players win a jackpot coins bet current multiplication factor as depicted in the center of the wheel;
  • Collect symbols: the end of the bonus round bonus feature.


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