Gods of Gold

A dead pharaoh trapped in an ancient Babylonian temple treasury. Re-life, and to recover his fortune, he must collect all of God's idol. Help him pursue life and gold!

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  • caret NetEnt

Gods of Gold Slot Review

Hidden deep in the merciless Arabian Desert is an old vault to protect God's own treasure, full of edge tasks and precious stones, jewels and gold. The problem is, you're brave (and stupid) enough to enter the property requirements within the forbidden vault, where is it? Gold God located on the Arabian mythology mysterious world, bringing slot perfectly accompanied by ominous background of this very unstable NetEnt casino. Tension is by following your every move menacing soundtrack perfect setting. This dress with beautiful logo design depicts the ancient and powerful god Jin character, and haunt your screen, you have the best setting, NetEnt offers a sinister animation casino slot machine game. As with all products NetEnt, God of gold will be able to play all NetEnt licensed casino and across desktop and mobile devices will be fully compatible. As with all products NetEnt, God of gold will be able to play all NetEnt licensed casino and across desktop and mobile devices will be fully compatible. A gorgeous setting is wonderful to realize what God gold in store for you is just the beginning. Read below, we reveal the rest of the casino slot features and functionality, and to determine whether this could be your next game.

RTP: 96.21%

Infinite Reels
Golden biggest characteristic of God is certainly inclusive of Infinite reels touch ™. This adds infinite scrolling game, bring calculation method of betting lines a complete overhaul, as well as how you score the winning combination. The race began 3 × 3 reel games area, a new reel is added to the right side to score to win every game area. The more wins you get, the more reels continue to gradually increase until there are no more victories. Your bet 27 start, then add 3 each time a new reel time multiplied. Once you streak ended, your bet win be assessed on the play area and returns to the 3 × 3 reels out. Help you keep track of all the mini-map and additional reels you along the way to win is clever addition. In the lower right side of the screen's attitude appears, it will give you a complete overview of the smallest play area, everything is in play reel, and award-winning, wild and scatter symbols. In addition, the symbol counter is also included, along with showing you win your symbol length and the number of winning ways.This is a very useful addition to help ensure that players feel to control their gaming session, and can easily be familiar with how this feature works, and keep track of all game winning streak.

Wild Substitutions
Wild symbols must not open the reel and run their own life-saving substitutes for any symbol that will help you complete a winning combination of power a successful combination of capabilities. They are found in most casinos a welcome sight to any video slot players lucky enough to be one. In the Mohegan Sun, with a golden wild symbol is a symbol W, began to emerge from Volume 4, and can help you to add a scroll to your game easily.

Win Spins
Most casinos like slot in the free spin mode, you can help give you a limited amount of spin is that this house, give you just a little bit of special multiplier will increase those odds to win to catch a break throwing more bits . Mohegan Sun won by the introduction of spin need something a step further.
Win rotation, such as name, in order to properly hint, exactly the same services free to rotate and always ensure the added advantage of a win-win. That's right, with all the Win Spin bonus rotation will grant you a winning combination, you can win more spins further enhanced.
It requires a total of three Scatter symbols to win you spin mode, 10 Games to begin rotating your bonus trip. If you manage the spin mode operation of additional land Scatter symbols, you will be gifted with the other five winning spin. Once you win a spin run out, the game will return to the original play area and all the accumulated wealth will be paid. This is the usual free spin mode, increasing the excitement and surprise a whole new level, in order to function needle groove has a great twist.

Re-Spins & Multi-Slam

Just when you though the slot is not possible to store anything else, rework and multiple Grand Slam appeared to steal the show. Rework is granted when the reels stop the random function, and no wins have been gathered. This is a great lifeline, keeping your streak going on for some time and Infinireels touch ™ feature works fantastically well. Similarly, multi-Grand Slam features are randomly distributed, but when the victory this time it is only given on the reel. Grand Slam more than the gift, top those of you with what you already have and a 2-3 roll and give you a guarantee win every time.


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