Fortune Rangers

You’ll need all your kung fu skills and martial arts methods to get through the dragon’s lair! Fortune Rangers™ is a fast-paced video slot with 5 reels and 76 bet lines. The game features Lucky Wild Reels and Free Spins with Linked Reels.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Fortune Rangers Slot Review
From NetEnt This impressive and vibrant video slot version to make your heart beat faster.
If you are a fan of martial arts films, then this will certainly be to your liking for your oriental symbol to play, trying to kickbox your way to a fortune!
Wealth Rangers have a decent range of features to keep you entertained, which complements the soundtrack expertly crafted graphics and Asia.
With € 0.20 per spin and equity between the range of 200 €, which is the title of a slot, it is very open to all players; there are lucky wild reel and reel to rotate freely and links to make this a memorable casino experience.
Rangers hit frequency wealth is: Any WIN: 1 5; 1 981 rotating freely. Because we have come from NetEnt expectations, Rangers wealth is completely optimized for mobile devices.

RTP: 96.9%

Lucky Wild Reels
In the bottom of wealth Rangers games, there is a unique feature called the lucky wild reel. This is a random trigger, and when it does, you will have the possibility of large payouts.
This feature can be turned up to 5 wound into a roll wild dragon wild symbol. Wild symbols instead of rotating from the free symbols in addition to all the other symbols.
Given that this is an accidental encounter, there is no guarantee, of course, you will see the first pass off your wealth Rangers this.
However, if you end up in your account balance considerable profits, it is likely to lucky wild reel will play a role.

Wealth Rangers has excellent graphics, really put your kung fu fighter mentality. Part of the reason for this is that the symbols used in the game. Each of the first drum 2 has three symbols, there are four symbols in the next two reels, and the final roll has 5 symbols - layout and this really works NetEnt slot. Chinese symbol design includes gold bullion and medals (paid), and the fan (low-wage).
There are two wealth Rangers, showing a man and woman. Man is the most lucrative land as a symbol of his stake will give you five delicious 10X improvement.

Free Spins with Linked Reels
Wealth Rangers prominent feature is undoubtedly its free rotation of the reel and links. When this comes into play, you gain or anywhere on the screen more spin scattering three.
Depending on the number of scattering, you will have respectively 8, 12 or 16 free spins - all healthy numbers, you can make some decent bonus.
Links reel is to ensure the free spin mode. When this happens, the following will occur:

1 and 2 is connected to the spool, and copy all symbols from the reels 1 to 2 volumes
and / or
3 and 4 reel link and copy all symbols from reel to reel 3 4

Fortune Rangers Verdict
You do not have to be a fitness fanatic, movie buff, or Jackie Chan to follow the full enjoyment of wealth Rangers. Heck, you even do not have to love the technical details of slots - this game is simple enough to NetEnt casino, if you are inexperienced play.
In short, it has plenty of user-friendly features that make it worth trying. NetEnt have done well without introducing ground-breaking stuff once again put in this lively location.
Links to free rotation of the reel is a particularly nice feature, if it is your wealth Rangers game, it will happen then your eyes glued to the screen, you wait to see how much you win. It would have been nice to see the bonus game on display, although it is not the kind of desperately missing.
The soundtrack is particularly worth a Shoutout, because it really allows you to feel it in equal parts with the themes of madness and East Asia.


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