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Dead or Alive 2 Introduction

Dead or Alive 2 is a shaft 5, line 3, and 9 a gap from the above human NetEnt fixed betting lines. This new version is a follow-up to a live or dead pandemic, which itself is a shaft 5, lines 3 and 9 fixed betting line slot.
In the transformation of this classic game, NetEnt designed Dead or Alive 2 looks a little slicker, a little cold, a little more cowboy than its predecessor. There are four different settings: train, noon cars, old cars, sidewalks and the West.
In the game of symbols, like wild west setting. Including a sheriff's badge, a six-shooter, a 10-gallon hat, a pair of cowboy boots, and five high symbolic value of a bottle of sarsaparilla. There are five low value of the symbol, which is A, K, Q, J and 10 in addition to this there are five different wild symbols, (all the same value), which is five different bandits, your task is to hunt. Finally, there is an ominous looking dispersed symbol, which is a bison skull and two pistols.

Wild Substitution
Wild replacement is very simple, it's just a symbol, instead of in the game, except the scatter symbol, any other symbol.

Scatter Win
Scatter wins will win anywhere on the roller slots on two or more symbols depending on whether you can not get. If you do, then you win - and they do not need any bet line.

Sticky Wild
This feature is located in the old car and limousine noon. When wasteland reel slots, free rotation until the end of the game will not leave this place.

Train Heist Free Spins
This is a train robbery freely rotating in the group round of the competition. In this round have a multiplier meters, when the slot universal symbol of this land roulette rise 1 meter by, you give an extra free spins. When you get to the X16 multiplier, you'll get an extra five rotation.

Old Saloon Free Spins
In this round, you will be transported to an old timey car, in the meantime, all victories will be multiplied by two. Wilderness becomes viscous wilderness, when you collect each of you will get one or more of five free spins reels.

High Noon Saloon Free Spins
In this round of the game, you will be sent to a flourishing car. In this round of the wilderness become sticky wilderness. Where two reels same wilderness land, they will be converted into a X2 multiplier wilderness, whenever there is three o'clock, they will become X3. Delivery 5 is free to rotate in each slot of a spool or more viscous wilderness.

Dead or Alive 2 Free Spins
2 freely rotate within the life or death of three different built freely rotating wheel.


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