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Conan Introduction

80 blockbuster movie Conan the Barbarian, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous bulging muscle mass, Conan asked:
"What is best in life?"
His answer?
"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women."
This testosterone-soaked line, which is actually a paraphrase of the famous quote Genghis Khan, now need to add it to another period of ...... "Conan NetEnt win big!."
Marked grooves are very different from the usual NetEnt game having 4 rows and 5 volumes, such as Conan has six reels, lines 4 and 24 are also fixed betting line pattern.
With pay two types of mechanical methods, Conan has been hanging scrolls, three basic features of the game, more free spin mode and additional Toth Amon function, as a result of the base game trigger function.
From the exterior, this is the most beautiful and artistic NetEnt has released title is full of epic magic and lightning effects, one of the themes perfect fit.
Conan the symbol is very beautiful, but nothing special, because they are like 99% of other video slot machines work there.
Do you have high-paying symbols, taken by Conan's partner and lover Valeria, his nemesis Thoth - Amon, of course, Conan the Warrior, Rogue, Gladiator King himself.
The equivalent symbols are occupied with the grappling hook, helmet and sword; leave minimum symbol snakes, lions and falcons - This is a change from the normal value card refresh usually occupy this layer.

Tower Wilds Feature
In the main game, tower wilderness may appear in the reels 1 and 2 - replaces all symbols except scatter symbols, you potentially big victory.

Battle Wilds (Expanding)
If the red battle wild land in the reel 5 and 6, it will expand to cover up to three levels of reels.

Mystery Symbol Feature
Mysterious symbol appears in reels 3, 4 and work a little bit different towers in the wilderness, as they can from the spill in the wilderness transformed into any symbol except to adapt to the winning combination.

Mystery Multiplier
If you log stack mysterious symbols in the main game, you will have the opportunity to activate the "mystery multiplier" will multiply your win up to 7 times!

Thoth-Amon Feature
When you land one or more stacked full of mysterious symbols reel with one or more of a wild this special function is activated.
When it began, Myster symbol will be randomly added to the reel 2-5-- lead to some potentially huge victory.

Free Spins
If you are designing a brutal, barbaric and bloody game of Conan the Barbarian on behalf of the legend, there is no way you can have a free spin mode, like all other slots - it would be too boring, right?
That's probably why NetEnt are packed full three kinds of free spins mode Conan have different characteristics and volatility.

City Of Thieves Free Spins
This model has a low to medium volatility, but with the tower in the wilderness, can be extended to partially or completely cover the reels for some great victory.

Temple Of The Serpent Free Spins
Having a high volatility in S-S-S-S-S- Snake Temple, and allows stacking mystery and mysterious symbol appears on all reels.

Walls of Tarantia Free Spins
We went back to the low volatility of this one. But with the added benefit of fighting wild - changes to increase coverage and winning symbols of the screen.


Bruno Eleph

Awesome slot! I'm lovin it :)


Agree with Bruno, the slot is nice but too volatile for me. Need to make too many spins to get a good win. What is your biggest win?

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