A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Slot

Another slot Christmas, Santa Claus is nowhere to be seen, Betsoft need a page out of the classic book - Dickens Christmas Carol. This story is about greed trap uses the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge, who share his good fortune with anyone. Online slot machine gambling three people in the spirit of fun and its wealth, and Christmas to support this effort with different bonuses.

A Christmas Carol Slot Design

Betsoft make beautiful 3D slots, this one is no exception. Elegant gold framed reel, but their position is very surprised, because they sit down in the middle of Ebenezer Scrooge's bedroom. There he sat on his bed in his pajamas and a hat, watching the reels rotated.

Since the desktop version Betsoft slots based on Adobe's Flash, scrolling action is not always smooth, but it is the most important is on a roll: three in the spirit of Christmas has been waiting to take him from his bedroom last journey , present and future of Christmas. Once the bonus round is triggered every point screenplay. This is a typical amount of effort Betsoft into their stories and 3D animation.

These symbols are usually made of low-income card face symbol, rendered in a nice font, and paying for slot symbols theme. You will find that some coins, bank signs of a miser, Scrooge Christmas gifts and their own stack. Bonus symbol is represented by three ghosts.

A Christmas Carol Slot Bonus

This online slot has a wild symbol. The mighty Christmas turkey may be present in every reel and substitutes any other symbol. Since Turkey is quite rare, the spirit of Christmas a help or even score. 3 Conversion ghost of Christmas present (green) in the wild symbol reel of all the ghosts symbols.

This bonus game and free spins can basically arising in the course. If you hit the green sign any free rotation, the function will be triggered immediately.

In addition, Christmas carols with a gamble feature. After the victory of any of the basic game, you can make a decision, with double or lose all. All you need to do is press the button and the coin toss before the game choose heads or tails.

A Christmas Carol Free Spins

The groove has two different types of free rotation.

Young ghost of Christmas past (yellow) awards last rotation. In these free rotation, rotation of the reel backwards. This is not just a cool effect, but also to ensure that every line your victory rotation. Based on your number of bonus symbols land, you will get the following number of past spin:

The feature can also trigger during the bonus round.

A Christmas Carol – Koislots Verdict

A Christmas Carol is a well-designed experience, unfortunately, even with the wilderness requires some effort. Victory, winning once, tend to be generous, but you can spin the reels with a few surprises for a while. This is the same time trigger any free spin bonus is a big event, whether it is a miser and themselves. Scrooge had to leave his bed, you can expect some great returns. The maximum win in this slot is a great 513 000 gold coins. However, the symbol of low wages is certainly more common, so you have to decide whether you are happy with the low-paid slightly more frequent wins a certain waiting bonus round.


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