videoslots - confiscated money

User:, Disputed casino: videoslots, Status: UNRESOLVED, Amount: 1800 EUR, Published: 27.05.2020

they closed the account and confiscated the money.
wrote a complaint to Maltese Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity.
here is their answer:
For the above reasons and the evidence presented, MADRE finds that the confiscation of the
funds was unjustified. The Respondent shall either pay out any remaining funds in the player
account or rescind the agreement with the player and void all bets, resulting in a repayment
of any stakes offset against a seizing of any winnings and bonusses.

video slots did not refund the money. ignore the regulator's decision



We have to close that complaint. Because VideoSlots representatives promised to check the case and send someone to reply in this thread. But they just started to ignore us. That case is not solved.

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