Royal Panda - Account verification PROBLEM after sending various documents to the operator

User: paraloon, Disputed casino: Royal Panda, Status: UNRESOLVED, Amount: 1400 EUR, Published: 31.03.2020


I have made to Royal Panda multiple deposits using my Skrill wallet. Deposits were 25, 50, 110 and the last deposit 1000.
The last deposit 1000 I made on March, 16th.

Currently, my balance is about 1400, but I can't log in because Royal Panda suspended my account and requested documents from me, which I sent almost at once. Those documents are:
ID (passport), Selfie with passport, 2 Utility bills, 1 toll road bill.

After that Royal Panda said that they approved my ID and one of my proof of addresses but they want it to be notary verified.

Is it still legal to ask that? But okay, 1 week ago at March, 23 I managed to get those documents verified and sent it to Royal Panda. As a result, my account is still suspended and their support agents and Compliance team can't tell WHEN my account is going to be open and what else do they need.

I have written confirmation by them that my documents were verified and according to T&C, unless they changed it, My account access has to be restored.

I am not some kind of bonus abuser, and I don't have multiple accounts there. I made deposits for about 1.2k EUR, and my balance is 1.4k EUR and they are keeping my account closed for more than 2 weeks.

I consider such behaviour unacceptable and I hope KOISLOTS will be able to help me to solve such a problem.

Also, I dont want to play at Royal Panda in future and I require to SEND me my money on Skrill, Or my current balance or 100% of deposits I made.
After that, I will be okay to have my account closed, but not NOW.

Thank you.



Hi Dainis, We are sorry to hear you got such an issue with Royal Panda. We are going to contact them and try to bring their attention to the problem. Meanwhile, please be patient, we hope your money is safe and it will be resolved ASAP.

Dainis T.

NOT SOLVED. They still haven't reply me and account is suspended. Today on April, 23rd I've opened a dispute through eCogra, hopefully it will help to get to them.

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