Playamo Casino - Would not pay 22k in rewards and shut my account under bogus charges

User: Jedediah, Disputed casino: Playamo Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 22000 $, Published: 04.10.2018

i as of late joined the playamo club as I done a touch of research on online gambling clubs and they looked trustworthy.
so the day I went along with I kept $50 and another $50 and played live gambling club games, first the enormous wheel the roulette. I won approx 800 on the large haggle transformed that 800 into 20k at that point obviously as I was amazingly energized I requested to pull back the most extreme that the gambling club would permit at a time which is 4k.
so 4-5 days go bye and I havnt heard anything about my withdrawal so I asked their help group and was told it is simply experiencing the system like everyone elses. at that point I went to sign in today and it said account disabled.
i was truly confounded so I asked their help group to assist me with signing in and out of nowhere the program on my telephone went abnormal and it flashed my account on screen as if it was signed in and afterward nothing.....
i asked them again and they said to check my email.
so I checked and they have sent me some rediculous email saying every one of my assets and rewards have been stopped due to various accounts or something.
i truly simply joined playamo 5-6days prior I have never had an account with them. before this I havnt bet online ever, for the dread of something like this happening.
i have solicited them a number from times currently to send me through the subtleties of these different accounts that I have. on the off chance that these are my accounts, at that point I beleive I am qualified for in any event realize the subtleties on said accounts however every time I ask they overlook me. I simply got another email at the beginning of today state the choice has been made and it is final.
all im soliciting is to see the evidence from these accounts and I realize they wont show me these subtleties since they dont exist.

some help with this would be incredibly refreshing, I have various screen captures from my rewards and wager history just as the discussions by means of live visit and email.
ive been attempting to append these archives beneath yet I continue getting a blunder. is there another way I can send you all my screenshots?



i might simply want to include that I was utilizing a VPN at the time my account was closed.
im not certain if that impacts anything other than rather subsequent to conversing with some different individuals on KoiSlots, I found that it is conceivable that it could have caused the issue however I wouldnt truly know without a doubt as im new to this. I have altogether perused the TOS at playamo and couldn't see anything referenced about the utilization of a VPN. ive been prompted by different individuals not to utilize one so I have now crippled it.
I am sorry if this was the reason, and expectation this assists with your conclusion.

Playamo Casino

Hey, dear Jedediah!
we will check your issue, and get in touch with you with all details!

Best regards!
PlayAmo Team


it would have been ideal to hear that from the help group when I previously enquired on the matter.
However thankyou for looking into it, I anticipate discovering what the reason was.

Playamo Casino

Dear Jedediah,
your account was shut because of copy account,
and as per our T&C -
" Every player can make just a single individual client account. Making various client accounts by a player can prompt end of the accounts and suspending of all payouts. The player will not give access to his client account or permit utilizing the site to any outsider including however not restricted to minors... "
the choice of our Security Office is final!

Best regards!
PlayAmo Team


You Folks are extremely simply going to rehash what youve as of now let me know by means of email with a basic duplicate and paste?
Your suppsed to be a genuine gambling club are you not?
I dont need to rehash myself again and again. The primary concern is, I have just at any point opened 1 single account with you folks and im 110% sure that playamo likewise knows this. for what reason would I open 2 accounts on precisely the same day? this looks bad in any capacity whatsoever. So again I will ask you, Would you be able to please investigate the issue properly?
And in the event that your so sure that I have 2 accounts, at that point I might want to see your eveidence or at any rate you can advance your non-existent proof to KoiSlots so they can survey this case themselves. Not exclusively are you misleading me and taking my Real rewards yet your likewise preventing me from joining some other legitimate club. I might want this issue settled accurately and truly, please not any more anecdotal stories on your end.

kind regards,


KoiSlots Protests Group is anticipating Playamo Gambling club group to give the required information.


This protest has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Grumblings Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the contest coming to a palatable resolution.


This protest has been revived according to Playamo Gambling club solicitation and KoiSlots Grievances Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the contest coming to an acceptable resolution.

Playamo Casino

Dear @Jedediah

After the examination, we found that because of a specialized blunder, the system denoted the player's account as a copy with other player's account, which is maxim identified with the player by any means. Because of that, the Security Office has settled on a choice to end the account.
Playamo Club might want to educate the player and KoiSlots that we have chosen to discount the player's account with the sum mentioned and revive the account. Assets are now added to the account and the account is completely useful.
We are upset for the bother caused.
Kind respects,


Dear @Jedediah,

Please affirm if the issue has been settled. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time period we will think about your issue as settled and your objection will be shut as needs be. It would be ideal if you remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in an opportune way is an absolute necessity.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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