Scruffy Duck

NetEnt ™ once again brought a fresh touch completely forgotten the story back to life for a long time, though. CHILLOUT bright colors and music is the trump card of the game. So get ready to be a surge of pleasure swept away! This 5-reel, row 3, line 25 bet video slot machine symbols function stack, and replace the wild-free rotation. The latter is packed with more features. That's right! 5 completely different functions wait rotate freely, thus turning the reel, let the fun begin!

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  • caret NetEnt

Scruffy Duck slot’s reels open up on a vast lake with plenty of different characters around. However, despite the duck crowd being generally appealing and stylish, the ugly, scruffy looking one stands out. As those reels start spinning, you’ll be hoping to change the scruffy duck’s fortune somewhat – as rumour has it that a transition into a beautiful swan will result in plenty of rewards. There are Wild symbols to help players achieve bigger coin wins, while random free spins symbols will activate one of 5 scenarios which should multiply those combinations even more.

You may experience stacking symbol, you either within the main game or free spins round is played. It will be seen in whole or in part duck symbols displayed on the reel, comprising any of a winning combination, cause the associated prize payout table.

And appeared in the main game and free spins round the two sides are expanding wilderness. They have a big sign swan around who occupied those forms remain unchanged except freely rotating. Whether to expand the wilderness there is a reason - you earn (good) winning combination.

Almost no NetEnt slot is complete without a free spins bonus round, and Scruffy Duck gives you no fewer than 5 different scenarios to try out. During the main game, these symbols of beauty will land on reels 3, 4 or 5, with any combination of 3 earning you a ticket to the next stage. Which of the 5 rounds you’ll be entering is subject to a random pick, but all will give you a chance to scoop better goodies.

Duck free spins bonus round is the first ragged giant wild. Or those having a mesh size of 2 × 2 or 3 × 3, and therefore, only in reels 2, 3 and 4 they will replace all of the available symbols aside from any free rotation, and the winning combinations see giant split into the wild inter 2-9 single wilderness. If this feature is a win, it is expected to pay the highest possible depending on the table!

In case you think the spin did not manage to recover any cash, a random wilderness function may come to your rescue. After landing reel has stopped rotating, can be expected across the board between 2-5 wild symbols appear randomly instead of all but free to rotate. They can even possibly even better results in an expanded middle of nowhere!

Free spins bonus round, after doubling function is a lot of players will be. In most awarded 15 free spins, you can look forward to a potential windfall from this round, because all winnings multiplied by 3, regardless of the outcome. You will see an icon appears in the lower right corner of the X3, is activated when the multiplier function, so you will know when the excitement is about to be ramped up a notch.

And soon the number of free spins symbol silver medal delete function - such as 12 after chance to play footy players gave no risk duck. More importantly, it will include these symbols in low gear or no win, so you do any winning combination will lead to a lot of coins.

Although the dual function of 6 free rotation does not look appealing, the possibility to pick two other free spin bonus round features, but is sure to get your interest. Again, these will be selected at random, but it opens up a lot of flexibility, which is likely in your favor.


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