Jurassic Park

The heart-pounding T-Rex Alert Mode, captivating parallax effect and dramatic in-game footage from the movie make Jurassic Park™ one Humongousaurus rex of an online slot.

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Jurassic Park Slot Overview
Anyone who was alive in the 1990s, the age will remember the release of Jurassic Park movie. This is a great work to ever grace the silver screen at the time, is still one of today's total classic. Then again, who does not like a confusing screen stomping with a good dose of dinosaurs? Fortunately, you can actually relive all the fun and ferocious movie by Microgaming slots play of the same name. There are a lot of games like this, it uses action in five rows, row 3 game engine allows you to win with a total of 243 kinds of experience. Although these particular portions of the groove is fixed, you will find that you can change with the possibility of placing a bet  between 30 cents and 15 per rotation. Now, Microgaming's slot is provided for it, excellent graphics capabilities and more well-known, and Jurassic Park is not a game, this deviation. There is a background, takes you directly into the jungle park in question, and in the reel symbol is clear and the best quality. These first five different dinosaurs, this is the Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Raptor, which is the most valuable form, to give you five times a Category 5 equity portfolio. Then, four symbols from the film characters - Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond,  and Dr. Alan Grant. The highest standards of payment of these last offer
5 pairs a complete line of 13 and 33 times the pay of shares.

Jurassic Park Slot Features

In the Jurassic Park movie is full of excitement and stimulation, which is one kind of aura of Microgaming slots tried to capture. And it does so very well, too. In fact, you will be able to see the classic Jurassic Park logo symbol wild symbol and reel catches the eye operation. This means that the standard will replace any other symbol on the shaft, to help you create the best combination. This symbol also appears in the library, giving you more possibilities to form bigger and better wins.In Jurassic Park slot is also referred to as T- Rex alarm function. Whenever a T-rex appears, it will trigger this alert mode and your chance of winning will be significantly improved, thanks to the arrival reel on more than 35 wilderness. This model will be the rotating six programs wild symbol and remains accumulated in the effective duration of all reels.Third, in view of four of the five scatter symbols will trigger the free spins round. The scattering of the game is through mosquitoes trapped in amber he said that once you play the free spins round 25 times, you can select specific features you want comprehensive. Prior to this, you will play a random free spins round. In the free spin mode games available function modes are as follows:

Jurassic Park Slot Verdict
Equity and the possibility of winning up to 14,000 this slot, there may be more reason to fight it? So, in addition to the inclusion of super graphics and Microgaming games base, as well as vibrant and exciting features included. The movie will always be a classic, but if we're talking about slots, then we can be sure that this issue will exist in much the same way. Add the scatter symbol combination, and stacked wild things, and a variety of free spins and additional special features, Jurassic Park does offer a very interesting slot. On the whole, this is who will hook you from the first moment, let one of you captivated throughout.


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