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Irish Pot Luck slot is packed with fun and fantastic features. We’re sure you’ll have a grand old time playing it!

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Irish Pot Luck Slot Review

Prepare yourself with the Irish commonplace NetEnt a heart warming Irish adventure. There was discovered clover, pot of gold discovery and goblins to guide your journey in this amazing video slot machines, will (hopefully) give you a taste of what it feels like luck of the Irish. Ireland attracted you to the order of the day from the start of its wonderful reel, thanks to its gorgeous presentation. Set within the field of Celtic ruins, complete with their own precious runes and decorative scroll shape. Naughty perfectly complements the design theme to represent the more stereotypical symbol of Irish luck symbol. You will encounter a large green hat, harp and glowing clover, you rotate your precious stone reel. Accompany you on your luck troubled journey is a cheeky fairy, standing near his pot of gold, you cheer a little helping hand in every now and then a sell to your luck. All of this is beautifully animated and it sat down as your reel rotation, viewing the entire screen come to life full of fun. Complete casino slot presentation is wonderful sound field, adds another level of immersion thanks to its catchy tunes Ireland. You'll be glad to hear that you can play on your desktop and mobile devices Ireland commonplace, so your Irish adventure never stops. What kind of speech is a commonplace Ireland provided only a start, let us luck for us to explore all the features and functionality provided by NetEnt filled journey to see this could be your next favorite slot play.


Ride is always a welcome sight in the video slots. They usually do not come so easily, but you can increase the amount of your winnings, put a big, fat smile on your face lucky. Of course, a good old Irish Leprechaun know it all too well, and has been the forefront of efforts to multiplier lucky pot in. In the beginning of each rotation, a special mark in series rotation to ensure that additional multiplier your winning combinations. In the main game, multiples may X1, X2, X3 or X5, in free rotation mode, they rise to the X2, X4, X7 and X15. Mechanic adds a new layer of pleasure, and each may even turn into a deserving victory measliest spin.

Pot Luck Feature

Your fairy guide will carefully look at your game and make sure you have a very fun time. From time to time, he decided to put even more good luck in their own way, thanks to routine functions. This slot has a fairy mechanic will randomly add extra symbols to your reel. Magical creatures involved only in special symbols, you can only throw dispersed way, wild and bonus symbols. In the rotation, your friend Jiang pulled out of his lucky symbol pot and throwing them into the reel, so that you landed a great combination of greater opportunity. In both the main game and free spins feature strive to ensure that you know what it feels like Irish luck!

Free Spins

Location hidden pots of gold rainbow is said to point, but at this time we need three people to get your lucky charm. Commonplace, scatter symbol in Ireland take a lucky rainbow, fluffy clouds to complete the design of the end of each precious. You need to sign three free spins mode of access to the game, try your luck at winning some prizes. Enter free rotation will light up Celtic ruins around you and grant you 10 bonus round. Multiplier here will be taken up a notch, so here's the winning combination will be worth considerably more than the average home game victory. If you can draw another three Scatter symbols, you will supply you with another 10 free spins, bonuses to keep the fun going on for some time. As for the free spin mode to go, it does not really stand out very much. This is a very basic implementation staple machines, we would have liked to see, it would have been matched to explain bring awe-inspiring visuals slots life more imaginative.


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