Gorilla Kingdom

NetEnt welcomes you to its newest game creation in the midst of a lush wilderness. Gorilla Kingdom™ is a fast-paced slots game with 5 reels and up to 1024 bet ways. The game features Free Spins with a Symbol Transform and Extra Free Spins.
With engaging mechanics aiming for simplicity, and stunning and engaging art and sound design, Gorilla Kingdom™ appeals to a broader market range and offers enough variance for the player.

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Gorilla Kingdom Slot Introduction

NetEnt latest offering throws you into the middle of a wild jungle and pits you against some of the most majestic creatures that call the trees NetEnt latest product throw you to the wild jungle and pit you against some of the call tree house in the middle of the UK's largest animal gorilla. If you're ready to gamble on this unknown land, there are many rewards found, hidden deep in the jungle. Gorilla Kingdom, jungle beautifully ornate, through art and design, animation, wild and wonderful soundtrack will immerse you in the game a few small, when you rotate your way to victory brought to life. Gorilla Kingdom will apply to all NetEnt casinos and will be compatible across desktop and mobile devices. Keep reading below found that the main features waiting for you in this online casino game.

RTP: 96.03 %

Scatter Symbols
You ask, your award can be taken to have a wealth of treasures by another level of scatter symbols odds jungle.In the Kingdom of Gorillas, scatter symbols, they can freely expressed by the mesmerizing land in your reel gem. Collect 3 or more of these symbols will give you into the game a coveted free-spin mode.

Free Spins
Free spin mode is a popular feature casino card slot, allowing you to play for free, win even more than usual. In this game mode is gorillas Kingdom activated by a set of three or more Scatter symbols.
If you are lucky enough to get the scattered symbols, crystals will light up together, and with the free rotation of the rich rewards of your presentation. Minimum 10 spins, gives three Scatter symbols, if you managed to get all five crystal, this figure can be doubled to a staggering 20 degree free rotation.

Extra Free Spins
As if more and more free spins is not enough, the gorilla kingdom give you the opportunity, once the video slot game mode is activated, to earn more free spins.
Run in your last few free spins and afraid to return to the main game of the dark jungle? Do not worry, you will make up your reel to rotate freely, so you can extend the landing pattern at least 3 Scatter symbols crystals. Again, three Scatter symbols will grant you 10 free spins and 5 give you an extra 20 degrees of freedom to rotate your existing amount.

Symbol Transform & Totem Stone
In the Kingdom of Gorillas in the most complex function sign change mechanic. This feature is a free spins segment work to the game.
In the free spins, totem stone will appear in the side of the screen. This will include all four animals, portraits in the following order to live in the jungle (except gorilla): the leopard, hornbill, pangolin and Okapi. Each animal will have a portrait six time slots, which will need to be filled with a gorilla mask symbol.
Gorilla gorilla mask symbol will place all the symbols on the reels. These masks symbol will randomly landed on your reel, and gradually filled totem stone each slot. A total of six mask symbol will be asked to fill in the grooves and changing their portraits each animal gorilla mask. Once the animal portrait has become a gorilla mask, each of the symbols on all reels will also be transformed into a gorilla mask symbol, increase the conversion more animals, and then the chance to earn richer rewards.
The aim is to put all of the animals into a gorilla mask portrait, the only sign is displayed on the reel is gorilla mask itself. Once this is done, you will be the greatest reward of all the cash in the gorilla kingdom.


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