Gems of Adoria

NetEnt continues to bring innovative Adoria's, real-time 3D video slot machine reel gem. The game offers cutting-edge graphics, unique sound and exciting game. By combining traditional features and never-before-seen mechanics, NetEnt gift like no other online casino players experience this new experience.

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Gems of Adoria Slot Review

Ready worship video slot, which is NetEnt breakthrough into the first real-time 3D graphics slot treasure of the world.Adoria gems have a vague science fiction, fantasy setting that revolves entirely around considering (you guessed it) ... gem! These colorful rocks will cover your reel in the process of determining your clearance, and ultimately decide whether or not you leaping high or angry shake your fist revenge in the joy of happiness. We were there ...Real-time 3D graphics card slot of fine, bring the world to life in an unprecedented way. We can confirm that the slots on the gem never so good now. And changes the dynamic camera animations feel full and fully realized, the production quality of the game to a whole new level. This is an absolute joy to watch real-time 3D moving and changing the board of directors.Adoria gems can be used in both desktop and mobile devices all NetEnt licensed casinos.We're ready to dive straight into the good stuff! So, read the following to learn more about the powerful features are packed within Adoria gem. Find out the real-time 3D table actually brought, found that this is what the new casino slot frontier in store for you.

Real-Time 3D

So far, most online casinos where slots are already operating on a 2D plane, graphics, animation and gaming features which means that the slot is limited to 2 axes. Enter real-time three-dimensional. This new plane of existence allows the game to take a new look and a new life, both in presentation and made countless games of chance. In Adoria gem, in one fell swoop the camera around the plate, view dynamic space and makes more memorable moments in a thrilling game. You will find fine details and symbols on the design made possible by the new technology. In addition to improving on simple visual, real-time 3D has changed the way the game functions as well. Take Flip symbol function, for example. This will scroll flipped 180 ° about the vertical and horizontal board dynamic state, and to create new ways your success in combination. So, as you can see, this is not just some superficial addition to our beloved slot, but in fact quite platform marks a huge change. In the realization of the great gems Adoria NetEnt is only the beginning, we can not wait to see all of this technology will be used to shape the future of creative graphics slot of the way.

Striking Wilds

Wilderness is the one who always managed to face the players desperate to expose one of the staple features of casino slot smile. They propose a new hope, a renewed commitment in a breath of fresh air and a successful combination. They are selfless dedication and optimism lessons through their mission is simple and pure emphasized; used to replace the reel that will help you get any sign of a winning combination. They no doubt, and asked nothing in return. Gem Adoria, they serve exactly the same purpose, to the capacity of all other symbols except scattered body replacement. In addition, before each spin, you will have the opportunity to take the initiative to strike wilderness. It will have 2-9 wild symbol randomly placed in your reel. It is almost a guarantee of success combinations out there! You will be treated in the camera's point of view is impressive, dynamic change, because of where they hit, to get a better view stunning 3D wild symbol. This feature is activated randomly and works while rotating in the main game and free.

Flipping Symbols

We mentioned earlier how real-time 3D online casino slot game adds new possibilities, here are a shining example. Flip literal symbol will open its first spin a slot opened more valuable results.
Once you have the potential to combat wild section and slot spin has come to a natural end, flip symbols have the opportunity to come into play. This random selection from the activation thereof and the reversing reel symbols 2-5, horizontal or vertical. As this may be granted to each flip somersault 5 to ensure a better pay than the previous results or flip. All of this is beautifully animated in real-time 3D and you never tired of watching those symbols flip!

Free Spins

Free rotation is always the ultimate goal. Game mode, you can shower you like nothing else can return. Bonus feature, we dream of having a go.
Fortunately, the free rotation of the appearance of precious stones and Adoria. You need your reel 3 or more scatter symbols to unlock the bonus mode, once you get the fun begins. Most video slots like to use this feature to expand, adding more layers and levels to increase your win and improve your experience. With the gem Adoria, does not really apply. Free rotation function is very simple, as long as you can, you get exactly the same experience in the main game, but (as the name implies), you will be free spinning reel. Not something else. The number of your free spins depends on the number of scatter symbols you collect, the better.

It's a shame to see such a beloved feature is implemented in such a fundamental way. We do not know the actual use of the possibilities could be explored in real-time 3D.


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