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Avalon II Slot

The Avalon II word is defined for each block by a killer groove. In addition to bringing a new level of visual quality, online gaming, the task has been the Holy Grail of full 3D animated characters. It also has a wonderful medieval storyline and additional features that will keep you glued for hours. Power to retrieve the tape from the Microgaming, Avalon II slot for Arthur and his pursuit of the story, and returned Avalon. Merlin mysterious guide to introduce you to the world of Avalon, impressively presented and inclusive character, such as the Black Knight and Guinevere. The game has 97% RTP, 5 reels and 243 layers of different ways to win

Avalon II Free Spins

The second is inclusive of many Avalon free to rotate, but they are not in a conventional manner. In this game, free spins as the Holy Grail bonus features, including the presence of a part of eight different stages. In many ways, free rotation is highly innovative. Players will not be rotated in three scatter symbols, free spins and then get on the contrary, they opened up a bonus feature. Fog valve in eight stages and a second bonus feature players receive 15 degree rotation, all selected additional wild. In the "choose your path" level, you have to choose between three games, and the second, Forest Falls, you will get 20 free spins with a 1X multiplier are. Morgan kept the level of future dividends and free spins, where you get 20 fantastic spinning reels rolling.

Avalon II Bonus Game

Avalon II bonus feature is perhaps the most interesting bonus feature ever. This is the focus of the game, and players take on the go looking for the Holy Grail. Each set of eight different positions, each side having a different bonus game. The successful completion of a stage to see the players into the next stage. The first stage is legendary, 10 volumes of the lake where you get the dice to try to re Excalibur. Misty Valley provides you with an extra wild 15 degrees free rotation of your choice. Select your location to provide you with the opportunity to choose between three races: forest waterfalls, forest flowers, as well as bleak moors. Morgan is reserved for you 20 rotate with the rolling reelsYingting lets you fight the Black Knight, earned attack every time the price of success. Avalon Island is the last feature, you will be inherited Avalon rotation of the wheel. If you can at Golden O land, in the third round, the prize increases. Merlin, I can up to 20 times multiplier on the basis of two games and bonus rewards. This thrilling game has a huge £ 121,500, you can win in every spin!


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