22bet Casino - Utilizing ludicrous slowing down strategies with regards to payments

User: Zoey Kiehn, Disputed casino: 22bet Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 66000 kr, Published: 28.09.2018

I have 2 grumblings against 22Bet gambling club. I have duplicated you on all correspondence with 22BET yet up 'til now you have not responded
1. I made 3 stores with my Mastercard and won a littler entirety (5000 Swe kr). I mentioned a withdrawal which was affirmed inside minutes . That was fourteen days. Cash still not in my account. They have sent messages saying the cash was in transit and now, today, they are requesting confirmation. See all the messages you have been duplicated on
2. The second objection is substantially more genuine. In the wake of making the withdrawal above, I stored again with my VISA card. I won a significant total (presently at 65000 SWE) and mentioned a withdrawal to my VISA card. I got a message that there was a genuine blunder and the withdrawal didn't experience. I at that point presented a withdrawal solicitation to my Mastercard (from which I had recently made stores – see above) however this was denied, with the message that I needed to pull back to a similar card as the stores were made. I likewise attempted Direct Web banking withdrawal with a similar message – see record 2. I reached online help – I hung tight 45 mins for a reaction to my inquiry and was then advised to make another store with another technique and "attempt" to pull back once more (see record 4) I discovered this irrational as I have made stores with 2 diverse methods.I have been relating with them day by day for about fourteen days and you have been duplicated on all the sends I have gotten an email from 22BET affirming that my account is checked and that I should now "have the option to make quick withdrawals" from my account. I need my cash and might want your assistance in getting this. I see from your site that I am not by any means the only one with this problem.



This protest has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Grumblings Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the contest coming to an acceptable resolution.

Zoey Kiehn

22Bet still hasn't paid out my cash. I have provided all the mentioned reports and as yet nothing occurs. I have 2 affirmed withdrawals (one for 5000 SEK and one for 20000 SEK) . I have correspondence with them by email every day for a month at this point. I continue getting palmed off with ludicrous reasons. This club is showing deceitful practices.


This grumbling has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Objections Group might want to give it one final help out the two gatherings required into the contest coming to an agreeable resolution.

Zoey Kiehn

22Bet has still not paid out both of my 2 withdrawals in spite of a month of essentially day by day contact with their help work area. The withdrawals are endorsed in their system. They have begun requesting extra documentation, which no other gambling club has ever requested. I can just accept that this gambling club is associated with crimes and is attempting to utilize the data I send them to take my character. THIS Gambling club Ought to BE BLACKLISTED

Zoey Kiehn

I have now announced 22Bet to a universal wrongdoing authority.

Zoey Kiehn

Still no cash however they continue requesting documentation. Plainly criminal - they currently need my identification with all subtleties unmistakably obvious. Potential data fraud? I see Ask Card sharks presently has an admonition content for this club. It is merited. They are crooks.


This protest has been revived because of the pronounced readiness in the interest of 22bet Gambling club the board to do all that they can to fathom their old objections. KoiSlots Grumblings Group is glad to give these old cases one progressively chance for a fruitful resolution.

22bet Casino

Dear KoiSlots group, we might want to advise you that
the client figured out how to pull back all establishes, likewise we 've already
sent all verifications to KoiSlots team!

Best regards!


Dear @Zoey Kiehn,

Please make a point to refresh your issue in an opportune way and let the KoiSlots Protests Group know whether you got the payment. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time allotment we will think about your issue as settled and your grievance will be shut in like manner. If it's not too much trouble remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in an opportune way is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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