22bet Casino - Inconveniences pulling back assets

User: Tiara Adams, Disputed casino: 22bet Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 433 €, Published: 07.08.2018

After pulling back my rewards (€250 and €183) around 9 financial days prior I got some other time an email from the 'support' from 22bet that I have to send some other time my adress affirmations. I went to live talk, support yet the assistance isn't generally big.

The withdrawels are likewise gone from the site now. I cannot see the cash any longer on my account and in my withdrawelhistory anymore.

Its actually a torment to get yout cash with this bookmaker. I trust I can at long last get my cash 22Bet??


Tiara Adams

Ok, little update on my situation.

Today I went in to the live visit since I saw that the cash I attempted to pull back was back on my 22bet account after 2(!!!) long stretches of no report about it.

I revealed to him I didn't get my cash and it was back on my account. He disclosed to me I ought do whatever it takes not to pull back such a lot of cash in one time (yes to be sure, I was unable to trust it to from the start) on the grounds that my stores are regularly €50 in one time, I ought to likewise attempt to pull back €50 in one time.

He additionally instructed me to send a selfie with my ID close to my face and send it to the supportmail. I am attempting to check my account for about fourteen days and pull back cash yet it is getting somewhat tiring.
PS: the person I send the screen capture of (James) was the principal fellow who sort of needed my to help in the fourteen days of naging.

22bet Casino

Hey, dear Tiara Adams!
We will check your issue!

Best regards!
22Bet team!

Tiara Adams

Still sitting tight for me cash, got some standard answers on my mail that I have to pause, previously holding up 3 weeks now...

Tiara Adams

HAHAHAHAH following 3 weeks of trying and holding up they putted the cash again BACK on my account with the message 'unfit to pull back', got sends of the help that my account is confirmed and my archives are acknowledged, this bookie is a genuine joke!

PLEASE Folks Don't PLAY HERE! You will have the option to store cash, yet when withdraweltime is there, 22 wager isn't there lol

22bet Casino

Dear Tiara Adams,
sorry for that issue, would you be able to please
attempt to pull back your establishes by means of other payment method?

Best regards!
22Bet team


Dear @Tiara Adams,

Please let us know whether there's a report with respect to your progressing objection. It would be ideal if you remember that you should answer inside the given 96-hours time span, in any case KoiSlots Objections Group will think about the case as Settled and it will be shut accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.


This grievance has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Objections Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the question coming to an acceptable resolution.

Tiara Adams

Dear KoiSlots,

I think you misjudged my email. The mail discussed my new complaint.

This objection can be closes. Never got the cash and will never play here again. I am glad that bet22 is boycotted here so others are warned!

Tiara Adams

This can be shut and put on resolved.


Based on submitter's last post KoiSlots Protests Group think about this case as Settled and it is authoritatively shut now.

Thank all of you for your cooperation.

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