Wonderland Protector

Team up with three superhero witches to become the ultimate Wonderland Protector on the slot from NetEnt. Charms and spells abound on this high-volatility reel adventure through a fantasy world that is under threat of being taken over by evil creatures. Coming to the rescue are cluster pays, two random features and a multi-level bonus game with free spins and boss fights that can lead to wins of up to 2,500 times your bet.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Wonderland Protector: Overview

Swedish NetEnt providers continue their penetration of the Asian market with their chickens full of wild game guardian transformation of the world. Wild world has seen three fowlish friend save fighting broke out in the free world from alien invaders in the rotation. Fantasy-themed clone, wonderland protection, keep everything, but packaging. This time, it's three female shaman, in a cartoon fantasy land, to save the world from the vicious beast as players try to accumulate the process of treasures. Load the game and the layout is still similar, except for some visual changes. Side of the screen retained in the mesh, which surrounds a three-pointed star cartoon intermediate deny witches cauldron. Overall appearance immediately reminds me of the classic Legend of Zelda Nintendo; it has the kind of atmosphere to it. Zelda is huge in Asia, so it makes sense to use visual effects, players can relate to. Casting agents into the big pot bet from the beginning. There is a huge range selected from 20 P / C on the low side, high up heroic £ / € 400. Heroic, you may need to address in the time slot against the beasts. The resulting struggle, although before, let's look at the game mechanics power. Each new spin, roll symbol 25 to 5 × 5 grid, which creates a winner cluster line 3-5 matched symbols (vertical or horizontal). Avalanche mechanic, pop off the grid lines winning symbol tumbling to allow the blank. Since the avalanche keeps popping up and drying, until no new winners emerge more wins can appear in a single spin. When all this happens victory sequences are summarized in. The symbols used in the game is a collection of stones of different shapes and colors. The three heroes associated with them are generally associated gem colors - red, blue or green that will make sense when we deal with these functions. Symbol may be flat or in a simple pattern, such as the skull, decorative flower or snowflake. As for value, return five symbols line up to 100 times the stock line purple star gemWild same value (100X), and can replace any conventional symbol to help form lines. As a true clone, a mathematical model-driven Wonderland protection is the same player in the wild world. This means that 96.47 percent higher than the average of RTP, along a mathematical model moderately volatile. Both work produce moderate potential, although Wonderland Protector is not your massive win games. It is all about fighting and fancy video games here.

Wonderland Protector – feature triggered

If you already use to save the chicken rivers and lakes in the world, you will accelerate the speed with what happens in Wonderland protection. If not, here it is the actor's expectations from the modifier.

Every time you log a winning combination of symbols hero paid in mid-March, the current field on the blackboard turn all other common symbol rotation sequence in play in. This is called a hero wilderness function, both the base game and free spin process is available. The second modifier is a random failure characteristics, it can randomly after any non-winning base game spin trigger. Choose one of the characteristics of this wizard, made her a symbol of the grid-related, and destroy all expectations wilderness or scattering. This allows avalanche into the empty position a bunch of new symbols, provide additional opportunities to win. Modifiers can be fun, but the significance of the free rotation of the wheel when compared to the pale. Landing three scatter symbols trigger 8-degree free rotation, which could be a long three good witches in battle proof. They need every ounce of magic to overcome the nine captains and three bosses, distributed in three different worlds. A world from the dark forest, fire, land, or ice world, where the action can begin to choose. Each time low in value or make a heroic symbol winner, rice fills their hero, let them attack whichever baddy they are facing. Super hero could allow an attacker or attack, depending on their power meter, which would lead to 1-4 points of damage. It will not be easy though, because the captain has 15 health points, and the boss 105 just like a regular video game, beat the captain leading to the boss. Defeat the boss to bear the future of the world and trigger 8 free spins. Each time a captain is eliminated, arranged in a specific pattern. Each world offers additional wilderness. Dark forests spread of wild wild places appear at random locations. Fire Lands arrangement 2-4 single wilderness are arranged at random locations, while the ice world stacked at random positions bis wilderness. During this period the players to compete their way through three worlds, won accumulate.


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