Wolf Cub

NetEnt has re-released their slot machine games wolf pups. It has a scatter symbol, resulting freespins. Within these freespins, snowstorms function. RTP this game is 96.34%.
As you can see, there are not too many of the game. Once you click on any of the three reels scatter symbols, you freespins of a random number.
In this freespins, three same activation function symbols of a snowstorm. This transformed symbol to trigger random symbols, provide great potential for victory.
The game is very simple, but it's still joy to play.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt


Wolf pups video slots, tells the story of a young wolf cub and his friends owls, bears, cold cohabitation story lynx, winter forest. Cartoon-style graphics for a simple and attractive. Game set with the snow-covered trees set in a dark background. There is snow falling animation in the game, our children wolf pups stay on the screen, who leftmost reaction you win.
The game is designed to have a user interface 5 rows, three columns, which allows for 20 possible winning combination. These symbols include the four animals (paid) as well as the four sets of playing cards (low-wage). These last four carved out of wood.

Wolf Cub's RTP: 96.34%
Video Slot build: 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 pay lines.
Wolf Cub game features: Wild Substitutions, Free Spins Feature, Blizzard Feature.

Wild symbol appears on the main game and free spins feature, whether it is in any position on the reels. They replace, the only exception being scattered any other symbol. They increase the chances of winning on-line wages. Wild symbol bet line paid the highest possible winning combination (refer to the payout table in the game).

By having 3 and anywhere on the reels or more scattered, you unlock free spins mode. The first part of this pattern will see all the reels into each of the other symbols dispersion number. After the reels stop spinning, the total amount is calculated from the number on the reel. This is the number of free spins you provide. In the second phase in this mode, you'll be taken to a hilltop and freely rotating number will appear on the moon. You will depend on how many free spins you have to play a number of rounds

This occurs when the free spin mode. If the same reference numerals spool land stack 1, on the other hand reel will match all the symbols are filled all the space between the spool 1 toward a spread symbol and line. Wild symbols can fully stacked as they land in a blizzard just to take part reel feature

Restrictions on gambling levels for each rotation 10 coins. Biggest bargaining chip is 1.00. Since the betting lines 20, which can be bet on a single spin of the total amount of 200.

Wolf Cub’s RTP 96.34%. The highest standard symbols in a bet line paid 600 gold coins. This is achieved by having the symbol row 5 wolf pups. Meanwhile, in the betting line five wild symbols will pay 2000 coins. The maximum amount you can win in the game is 400 000 coins. In the free rotation mode, the maximum amount of freedom for the rotation of 115 won.


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