Village People

Village People Macho Moves is an exciting game that is set to be the most sought after slots game of this decade especially considering its 96.78% RTP. It is highly profitable as it offers multipliers of up to 20x for band members in addition to its infamous cast of extremely colourful characters. One unique characteristic of this game is that it transcends all age groups of players despite its 70s feel with negligible legal constraints.

Slot Provider

  • caret Microgaming

Village People Macho Moves by Microgaming

Marjorie moved to the village people are set here after decades of slot games, especially in view of its 96.78% of RTP most sought-after an exciting game. This is because it provides a multiplier up to 20 times the band members extremely high profits of its colorful characters in addition to the infamous cast. A unique feature of this game is that it goes beyond the players of all age groups, although the feeling of the 1970s negligible law.

Village People Macho Moves Free Spins and Bonus

This game is an amount between each spin playable from 0.15 to 25 lbs. When the figure stood, each reel has a vice president meter and when wild lands on a reel, a token will be automatically added to the instrument. Once the meter is filled, the player gets 5 degrees free rotation, and the unique features of each character from. The instrument is known to trigger between 1-- rotate every six degrees of freedom to tailor the additional costs.

The game is timeless, it can be played by individuals from each generation. It genres is quite diverse and the player can choose to play in a group, whether a particular song or rotated through all of them. Although the song as the theme of the 1970s, the game launched in June 2019 graphics beautiful, fully animated characters such as cowboys, sailors, bicycles, construction and other workers.

Village People Macho Moves Theme and Symbols

Interface on the reels, you can see music-related symbols of diamonds, hearts, clubs, microphone, shovel, sunglasses, shoes and so on. Feeling and further complement each reel 8 track in the 1970s. All symbols pay depends on the line between the shares paid 3 ~ 6 times. There are all symbols act as a substitute, as well as the coveted villagers (VP) wild symbol wild symbol.

On a reel VP of land, a wild VP token is automatically added to the players to collect at least five villagers when the wild symbol, free spins feature is triggered after fill the meter event. After leaving each feature having a different spool free rotation, e.g., the reel 4 (manly natural movement) has 5 degrees of freedom of rotation, Fig. 5 and 6 add a wild two reels, and each spin.

Village People Macho Moves RTP and Volatility

The game is full of action, need attention than slightly above average. High multiplier ensure that players can earn up to several times, they put in equity, taking into account the free rotation came about. The variance is quite moderate mean loss of opportunity, but the real, is not imminent. Return to player is 96.78% with a standard, and players can adjust their bets.

To change the song is playing, simply scroll to the left of the VP jukebox, and then select the preferred tune. Marjorie trend is that people in the village do not know of any function in the current predicament, but that does not mean that the same is not to be expected in the future. These statistics are not conclusive, each player returns depending on their skill level.

How to Play Village People Macho Moves

Each reel number represented by a band of 1 - 6, there is seen in the total SIC because the reel. The wild symbol in this game is determined as vice president wilderness, they appear in each reel (six)When a wild appears on reels, and the other two positions on the reel can also be upgraded to the wild. Each reel has its own wild symbol counter.

Koislots’s Review of Village People Macho Moves

In general, this game seems to attract prospective players and the game between the critic warm reception. In particular, the probability of the band members seem to be high returns players to participate in such motivation. Another interesting thing is that, on its expertise century theme music of the 1970s nearly four decades later, the meaning given to the phrase, "in the 1970s never die."


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