Turn Your Fortune

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Turn Your Fortune Introduction

You have to present two themes of wealth within. The first topic is the spin - the better the more free spins and reproduce, this game is packed full of both. The second theme of your wealth is - you guessed it - luck and fortune!
The aesthetic of the game is one of the new art, ornate organic curves and intricate decorative patterns in Paris throughout the game. The game has also having grooves spool 5 × 4 symbols classic art style.
Symbol separating into two categories: low and medium win win symbol.
Media victory symbol rendered Art Nouveau broach rare birds and animals, which turn of the century Parisians will love (lions, owls, turtles, fish, shells). Low winning symbol simply art nouveau font (A, K, Q, and J) card letters. All of this has been presented in the 1280 × 720 H.D., so gold and glitz of the game really shines.

Turn Your Fortune RTP: 96.24%

Turn Your Fortune Slot Build: 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed bet lines.

Turn Your Fortune Game Features: Wild substitutions, re-spins, and free spins.

Fortune Wins
‘Fortune Wins’ Your wealth is on the coin to win the game. It has five levels therein, each containing coins 5 increases the level value. Players at level 1, the value of a coin, or when they start rotating again free to rotate game starts. As the game goes, they increase the level and value of the coin: the collection "Favorite symbol" or by collecting bullet points. You will eventually get paid to reproduce these values ​​or free rotating wheel at the end.

Fortune Re-spins
When two scatter symbols, bound to win betting line, the main game of the groove on the spool land mode is activated. After activation, only the symbols can be collected and bond symbol will appear in the slot reels, the symbols can be recovered and held in place by an end portion of the rotary wheel again until the groove spool. When the end portion of the re-spin wheel slot 20 land on the spool collected symbols are collected or not collected bond or symbols.

Turn Your Fortune Free Spins
In the main game to your wealth, if the slot reels land on three scatter symbols, then this will activate the free spin mode. The free spin mode, your wealth work is relatively simple.
First of all, you will be sent to additional free spins round 3 layer, which will determine: 1) how much you have to rotate freely give (7-13), 2 symbols collection) to increase your wealth to win the level, and 3 ) starting level of wealth that you'll win (2, 3, or 4). Secondly, you then return to the main roller slot machine game where you will use the most free spins and try to increase your wealth to win the level and value.

Turn Your Fortune Bet Limits
Put your bets with different levels of wealth ten (1--10) seven different values ​​and coins (0.01,0.02,0.05,0.1,0.2,0.5,1). Coin value to change the value of each coin, the bet number of coins that the level adaptation is placed in the betting lines. £ 0.2 means that you get a minimum bet of £ 200 and the maximum bet in the ten and seven coin value of your wealth.

Turn Your Fortune Maximum Win
The maximum win on a single bet line in Turn Your Fortune is £2,000. Whereas the maximum coinciding win (i.e. the wins from the bet lines added together) is £80,000.


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