The Grand

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The Grand

Those addicted to video slot machine game has something to smile about. Big is Quickspin slot machine game has one unique feature. Visual graphics are superb. This game production and bring out the old art style golden age. You will love the glamor, glitz, and Great Gatsby theme than fiction. With this game, you can think of many beautiful, luxurious, expensive things. Grand slot is amazing, because it is for everyone. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, you are in for a number of really exciting experience.

The Grand Slot Features

There is a grand quite atypical settings. Symbol, you will encounter include: precious metals, precious stones, diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs. You will meet three basic game functions. These features are randomly triggered, only one of which occurred on any spin. Here are three special features:

Let’s see what each of them do.

The synchronization reel responsible for a huge victory. 6. columns when the reel is always synchronized to the maximum number of pairs of the game is synchronized volume. Columns are the same height and the same rotation of each of them sign. When this happens, the player is able to board the Lu Gaosheng.

A random wilderness just before the end of a spin occurs. This can easily be overlooked, especially if you do not pay close attention to this feature. When this function occurs, 4-8 wild placed randomly on the reel. Note that a random wilderness not a substitute for free rotation or other wild symbol.

Gently push reel game spicesUse this feature to improve your results. In this function, you will find, nudged between 1 and 3 reels. This is accompanied by free spins and bonus symbols. Symbol may be freely rotatable 3,4,5, or 6. These symbols can be 6, respectively 9, 12, or 15 free spins for you.

The Grand Slot Playability and Payouts

Grand 214 possible ways to win. 6 is a reel slot play across all devices of the coin between the 100 £ 0.01 and £. The return game player (RTP) is 96.58%, and a maximum expenditure of 290,150. However, each victory is around the maximum rotation of the shares of 1712x.

6 is divided into a pair of reels with the first two having three rows. There are four lines of the second pair, the last of five elements. They win every gambler collected in the neighborhood the same time three icons. You can visit a combination of five or six stones and green will return award 0.5,1.1,2,4, or eight times the shares.

Final thoughts

This slot machine game is launched in March 2019, and do it well. Cool symbol, it brings a different slot gaming experience compatibility with different devices, special features and animations, as well as high-RTP. No less than the salary is not great, this game is worth a try!


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