The Dog House

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The Dog House

Dog house is one of a number of pragmatic Play 2019 version. This, in our opinion, there are some pragmatic sort of "monthly slot" program in progress, but we do not mind because the quality seems to be so far out there. The first time, you can play in the dog house is May 9. We'll tell you everything in Koislots, you need to know about this new version, as well as their amazing bonus features. First and foremost, though, here's some information about a nutshell:

The Dog House Free Spins and Bonus

Dog house, like most practical game works, there is a very simple basic game, which is enough to make the game quite approachable. Despite this simplicity, however, the company has been able to spice things still enough to make the game both fun and exciting.

Multiplier Wilds

As a slot machine player, you just need to love their wilderness! Dog house also has a wealth of wilderness, but they are not just your simple cookie-cutter type. Instead, each box-shaped drum 2 times multiplier obtained here wilderness or 3x, so that the position from wild a more welcoming appearance successful. Wilderness only in reels 2, 3 and 4, but it certainly will not stop you win big.

Free Spins

In order to trigger the free spin mode dog house, you need to land three awards paw on your screen. Bonus paws appear in reels 1, 3 and 5, which means that you can not get more than three per spin.

There are three bonus paws landing will take you to a new screen, the best symbol of the game, chubby and happy Rottweiler, sitting on a red pillow, waiting for ACME-style lever pull. This pull the starter lever 9 bonus round, each of them give you free spins 1 to 3. The round is to suppress the obvious, the ratio of 12 or three possible, but you can still go from 9-27 to rotate freely anywhere in their net. We get their usual 11-1017 turn in our arduous testing process.

Free spins mode in a dog house can be a very crazy time. The trick here is, in your free spins, wild will always adhere to the remainder of the reel to spin their own. Score a few wilderness stick in the beginning, you can see some of the biggest victories, you'll never find, especially if you try to make yourself enough spin as well. Trigger mode may not be easy, but certainly reflect this prize!

The Dog House Theme and Symbols

In the dog house theme is funny. Reel is some kind of garage, wood shed or dog inside the house, you can see in the background a cute little street view. The idea seems to have been to create a happy hound to enjoy life and swing their tails in a quiet residential district of feeling. For the duration of freely rotating, night sky and stars decorated beautifully.

Doghouse includes 13 different symbolsIn addition to a variety of card symbols, you can also find (10) bones, collars, and four different breeds of dogs, the Rottweiler from Bulldog, Beijing dogs and sausages. (We do not exactly an expert on dogs, but we want to get them at least to some extent, right.) The remaining two bonus symbol is the wild multiplier and claws.

Music sounds quite humorous in the dog house, ideal for the game. To change the song on the wheel is rotating or not, and free spins mode also has its own tone. Do not just take our word for it, but the music here really makes you smile!

The Dog House and Volatility

Nothing too complicated about the dog house. What you see is what you get. Note, however, that you can improve the speed of your car rotates to "fast" or even "turbo" level. When you try the game out of free and learn how everything works, which is especially helpful.

The Dog House – How to Play

There is nothing too complex about The Dog House. What you see is what you get. Do note, however, that you can boost the speed of your auto spins to ‘quick’ and even ‘turbo’ levels. This is especially helpful when you are trying the game out for free and studying how everything works.

Bet Levels and Wins

Pragmatic play Tiger never force you to choose to bet, you are uncomfortable. The dog home, there are dozens to choose bet level, 100 pence per spin all the way from 20 £.

In the dog house most valuable symbol, is cheerful happy looking rottweiler, but all the other dogs also have a great winning situation. The highest possible potential can be freely rotated mode, once you start filling these three centers are found wild multiplier reel.

The Dog House – Koislots Verdict

We tend to be more pragmatic to play some of the more simple brick and mortar slot machines slot in Koislots. Although we mostly have the connotation of this relatively easy to remember, we very much appreciate how the dog house seems to be more ambitious than the usual pragmatic game. There are three different tunes and screen are in here, this is more than enough to elevate this slot is one of its best.

Dog house, we immediately fell in love with a playful atmosphere, candid canine. As we have said, this game will make you smile and is not that what online casino slots it all about?


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