Temple of Nudges

Deep in the jungle, in the midst of birds, leaves swaying in the wind here, standing nudge temple ™. Whenever temple activated, it reminds all of life around and nudge the voice of ancient gold promised to travelers.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Temple of Nudges

Topic: nudge distance of Temple NetEnt Aztec, Mayan, the ancient world as the theme of the slot. It has the appearance of a handsome 5 reel, 3-row slot reels, bet line contains a huge number: 243 game and enjoy the game itself is a graphics and themes, making it a simple and elegant experience.
Game symbols are ancient carvings made of stone. There are four low-value symbols (sun, snakes, eagles, and temples) in four high value symbols (jaguars, sloths, monkeys and armadillos).
The pay table is one of the fun parts of the game, because there are so many different alternatives. Basically, when a winning bet line symbols land adjacent to the drum from left to right, they do not need in adjacent rows. In other words, as long as you do not have gaps no matching reel symbols, you win.

Jog function is active, the combination of a successful bet on the spool, every time. When this occurs, after the victory have been calculated, all of the mobile spool (trimming) of one symbol. If there is another winning combination is now on a roll, it will add them to the previous victory. The trimming function will be activated again, if there is a win-win situation then it is added, and nudging function is reactivated. When no successful combination of fine-tuning stopped.

If during the re-spin symbol override any winning round, appeared in the slot reels re-spin feature is activated. When it is activated, all of which are of the same type will remain in the pattern of winning symbols on the reels, and all non-matching symbols will continue to rotate.

Free Spins
Built-in game features two main nudge Temple free rotation. In these two functions, you do not get the typical free spins that the entire reel slots, but you will get these types of help to add fun to your best combination.


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