Swipe and Roll

NetEnt ™ invite you to travel back in time and experience some old-fashioned fun with the latest version - sliding and rolling ™.
Round coin features a bonus game, wild and X3 and Wild substitutions on the wild wilderness rework 3+ five row, 3 row video slot is bound to be a hit between the two sides - those who are in some new and thrilling Features and those who have missed the old days and cool slot machine.

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After stopping a typical Chevrolet swipe and scroll virtual dinner, you'll soon be told what action it through the front door of bonus features in the game heading in terms of expectations.
In addition to traditional gambling environment is familiar symbol - Fruit, A, K and Q's. When you select to add authenticity, turning the rotary button to execute the action, and some classical guitar is the ultimate soundtrack to your pleasure.

Swipe and Roll’s RTP: 96.35%.
Video Slot build: 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines.
Swipe and Roll’s game features: Coin Wheel Feature, Bonus Game, Wild and x3 Wild Substitutions and Wild Re-Spins.

Sliding and rolling coins wheel is spinning you can appear in the main game reels after they stop in front of the random nature of the rotation. You benefit from it, either from the victory of the coin, a scatter symbol or arrow symbol.
Coins victory is obvious - you will receive a handy supplement. A Scatter from the coin characteristic wheel symbol is one of the methods of the bonus game (see below) activation. Arrow expand the prize area or by a upward or downward (the arrow direction).
Once the selected result has occurred, any victory will light up on the screen. However, if you win any less than from either dispersed or arrow symbol X5, the wheels will be until it reaches that number again rotated. The minimum and maximum coin win is 100 to 1080.

Reminiscent of the classic slot machine bonus game, sliding and rolling houses. As described above, it can be used by coin wheel characteristics and land anywhere in the three reels 2, 3 and 4 are triggered scatter symbols.
Three wheels, spinning will then appear on the screen of the device up or down, respectively, while playing in a casino NetEnt, spin buttons or by selecting from left to right order. You might think this is because it contains small coin roller characteristics of the two coins wins or arrow symbol.
An arrow symbol will expand the areas of all the winning together on three wheels, a height of two steps up the scale further in either direction or with a plurality of arrow five elements increases. In short, more of the arrow, the greater the potential.Win Place all activities at the end of issuance, with 60 victories and the lowest possible maximum of 4320.

Another aspect is seen in two different types, a wild symbol can appear in the main game and then rotating wheel wild anywhere. Standard wild symbol can land anywhere on the reels, provide alternatives from the scattering body for all symbols except.
X3 wild symbol appears only in the second, third or fourth reel, as with any betting line featuring one of these beauties to benefit from the X3 multiplier. This may be multiplied by the multiplier as well, to realize that two or more wild symbols X3 in a betting line. If you can hit a maximum X27, it will almost certainly have to pay a tidy amount!

Finally, swipe and scroll functions explanation is an experienced NetEnt game players know better - wild re-spin. Essentially, if you happen to see a pop-up reel main game on three or more wild symbols any changes, you will be forwarded to another rotating house.
However, you won this additional direction of the initial wilderness will stay put, give you a better chance of a successful combination of. Wild rework can appear only once, however.

NetEnt mounted sliding and rolling on a standard slot machine game and the level of 10 coins bet value range between 0.01 and 1, so you can bet you wish. In currencies, the minimum bet is € 0.20 and the maximum € 100.

In just a single bet line to see, on the credit card and roll the biggest win is 81,000 coins or € 40,500. Up to coincide victory (it does not include several rotating circle), which is increased to 1,620,000 coins or € 810000.


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