Super Striker

Join in the stadium roaring crowd from NetEnt slot reel an exciting game. Super shooter is all about part of the world's most popular sport and the wave of the game, to lead us up to the European Championship. Swedish studio chose a 3 × 3 format, and has a multiplier bonus round has five levels and progress as well as a single-ended game betting, it can lead to more than 5000 times the bet wins.

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Super Striker Slot Review

NetEnt super striker all the passion and beauty of the game interesting online casino slot near you. Crowd of fans gathered in their masses to see you try your luck! The question now is, will you score that memorable goal that will take you to the top, or crumble under the star-studded team of the goddess of fortune weight? The stage is perfect and passionate football world is brought to life in a super striker. Reel is set on a football pitch, and the fans who chanted cheers will echo throughout your customs, your spur surrounded by the perfect combination to win. But the protagonist here is symbolic, representing a variety of iconic football token; from angry players to express their frustration was palpable coveted Golden Boot award, its complex design, really immerse yourself into the colorful world of popular sports world . Super striker will be, and is fully compatible with all desktop and mobile devices in all NetEnt casinos. Read below as we give our insight into the main features of this casino slot to see if this could be your new graphics card slot.

RTP: 96.04%

Scatter Symbols
Of all the casino slot machine game, the scatter symbol is the player's token into the bonus part of the game, to instill a sense of excitement and joy, they grace us with their presence in our reel. This time, the super striker football these images make their own symbols through the game. Because these game-rotated their way onto your reel, with a nice animation, it will present you with the opportunity to enter the free spin mode of the game. There are two types of scatter symbols of position: regular football gold scatter symbols and scatter symbols. Football scatter symbols is your key to enter the free spin mode, while gold scatter symbol is linked directly to the gold multiplier function. With that being said, not only can help you enter rotate freely. You need to use three scatter symbols or a combination of soccer gold dispersion 1 and 2 football scattering bodies into the prestigious prize mode. All symbols appear randomly in the main game any reel with gold scatter symbol also makes the opportunity to appear in the free rotation mode.

Free Spins
The purpose of freely rotating reel is covered in gold scatter symbol. Once in free rotation mode, your three symbols will be converted into a dispersion of gold dispersed symbols, and sticks to the reel. Any additional gold scatter symbol is assigned a random multiplier between X1 in the land of the free spool rotation mode - X50, will also insist there until the reel completely covered in gold scattering body, which will take you to a new level .
There are a total of five levels of free spins, each with its own unique level multiplier. Level multiplier as follows:
Level 1: X1 multiplier
Level 2: X2 multiplier
Level 3: X3 multiplier
Level 4: X5 multiplier
Level 5: X10 multiplier
With each new level, gold scatter symbol disappear from the reels, you will need to pay further progress reel again. When you reach a new level, you will receive a sum equal to a win-win all the gold transferred to scatter symbols, you managed to accumulate multiplier.
When there are no more free spin mode ends spin leave, or when you try to sign in gold dispersed completely covered five. At the end of free spins, your total victory will be activated from the free spins round is added to this, you will immediately be returned to the main game.


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