Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

NetEnt of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ™ slot allows you to a world of opportunities to relive the iconic Street Fighter. The game is played by the feeling and very similar to the original arcade version ... same graphics, same emotion, the same fist-pumping action! Selected eight characters and a play a random opponent. If you win the battle, you are awarded free spins beat BOSS. There are rotating four times the level boss in freedom. Each level provides a higher multiplier. Only beat a boss, you can move to the next level. Each victory increase your chances of winning big. To maintain, until you meet the last boss himself ... M. Bison fought your opponent!

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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot Review

The iconic, revolutionary, record breaking - these are just a small part is used to describe Capcom's best-selling of all time, Street Fighter II video game, then: World Warrior. As early as 1991, the title of the world by storm, and ushered in a renaissance of the arcade game, the establishment of a foundation, competitive game as we know it in all areas and consolidate its entire popular culture heritage. In their latest issue of tiger, one of the best video game ever NetEnt celebration, new product packaging quite a punch. Slot excellent adaptation of the original look, feel and play. When you start slot, you'll prelude to the iconic Street Fighter II to meet the direct result of your character selection screen. That's right, you select roster of Street Fighter II from any of the original eight different players. Once you've settled on a soldier, the real fun begins. Perfect analog channel using exactly the same structure, graphics, sound, and along the horizontal Fighter II fighting. You'll feel right at home with Ryu, Ken and all your favorite fighters. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior will provide services in all NetEnt licensed casinos, and across desktop and mobile devices are compatible. We have not even begun to discuss with this slot to capture the essence of Street Fighter II, not to mention an incredible way function has been incorporated into the creative. So read below to find more information to see if this adaptation is worthy of such a prestigious title.

The slot play in the battle. As we mentioned earlier, you will pick Gorillaz then were randomly assigned to the opponent to play. You will be based on your face, take the exact same screen appearance of rival fighting game classic fighting level presentation. Adjacent to the left of the selected character appears on the right top and are each health bar your opponent. The only difference here is clearly positioned at the center of the slot reels, two separate runners. The letters and characters filled reel symbols. Letter combos will give you a minimum of victory, but the character is a sign that you need is to find out. Sign your character's damage to your opponent, and the opponent's sign deal to hurt your character. All characters perform their signature moves hurt their opponents, including fan favorites like Hadouken fireball burning blue and Shoryuken uppercut. From health to deal with any damage will be reduced over the bar and fighting will continue until the health of a person reduced to zero. It is worth mentioning how satisfying it is to see this form of the original Street Fighter II fighting such an accurate representation of being brought to life. Level, text, graphics, sound and motion within a range of casino slot are impeccable re-imagining, creating a nostalgic mood that brings excitement and emotion of a whole new level, every rotation. If your character managed to defeat their opponents, you will be promoted to defeat BOSS free spin mode, where you will get some serious victory and claim the ultimate Street Fighter II reward a shot. On the other hand, you lose you'll get to in a car smash bonus game, then you can switch your character and try the next chance encounter on your luck. All winners received a combination of both is still their bonuses from your player or your opponent technically, so no matter who wins the battle, you always win the war.

Wild Gauge and Combo Features
In any battle, your character will have their own wild-meter, which is full of wild symbols gathered in a rotation. Any character symbol combination will close all of its own symbols into the wild, these will, in turn, fill the wild meter. These award-winning combination may come from your own personality or your opponent, either way, they will fill your wild character count. Once the index has been filled, your character will be able to perform their own wild combination. Street Fighter II introduced the concept of combined action of video games into battle, what are the main features of the genre is now found in all game creation. Even here, these very same revolutionary combination of action has been adapted into a slot, bringing exciting new feature that allows you to sit in their seats for each rotation of the edge. If you can successfully filled in the rotating field meter, the combination will be activated, triggering a unique combination of your character's wild, wild symbols into your reel. Each character has its own unique combination of wild, can effectively change the course of your luck, you play the game. This will undoubtedly affect the choice of your character, depending on what a wild combination you want to use in your battles. Again, all these wild combos is when most legendary moves of each character, they will activate your reel is a glorious display of representation. So, ready to fill these instruments and Hadouken like no tomorrow.

Car Smash Bonus Game
Street Fighter II bonus spread some stage in the game, allowing you to rest from the heat of battle a few seconds, allowing you to vent all kinds of inanimate objects of your anger. The most memorable of those is definitely a car smash bonus stage. In this slot to adapt, when you lose a battle car smash bonus is accessed. Your character will be transported to the original game to find the same port, complete with the very same ill-fated car. The goal here is to the car shattered into pieces, kicking and punching until it is reduced to a mess. Here you get full access to the characters, and the ability to directly control the fighters, walking, jumping, kicking, punching, please. Random win 15 times Once the car was beaten metal paste, you will be awarded five times between. There is no way to deal with the most orthodox of your frustrations ... but who are we to judge?


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