Respin Circus

ELK’s Respin Circus takes place in a colourful playground, with lots of bonuses, multipliers and four betting strategies. Discover it today in a Koislots’s casino!

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Respin Circus

Then rotate the circus is an interesting finding ELK develop circus-themed slot machine game. It has 96.3% RTP great speed and functionality, such as the wilderness, and the scattering body, and the cover reel rich, detailed symbol together. Although the circus will soon become a thing of the past, ELK proposed a game animal ruling the show. This slot has a cool 6 × 4 64 pay lines, and provides a level 12 times the wager.

Respin Circus free spins and bonus

Has appeared in a rotating three scatter symbols, all of a sudden start when rotating bonus Intend to reel rotation, rotation and gaps where the land bonus symbols. As more and more land scatterers, the more bonus spins plus. If there is no sign of any bonus rotation of the land, you will receive a bonus spin shows how many you have, it is a good 24 biggest golden ticket.

There is also a wild multiplier, which is triggered bonus rotation and the main game. Rabbit Magic also gives the multiplier is between 2 and 4 times, it may be extended to cover the entire reel. Wild rabbits can also give you a whole reel of the wild. Largest expenditure is 2500 times the bet value, however, to keep it real, you can win 200-500 times.

Respin Circus theme and symbols

The re-design of rotating circus take you to a vibrant open-air market, and the circus tent as a background. The volume set is translucent, so you can see the background, you'll see a vending machine in the car and swim candy on both sides of the window. You will see strongman mouse, rabbit magician, acrobatics cat symbols. Low pay symbol looks like a balloon animals, so you'll know the difference.

As an online gambler, you can expect compared to other slot machine games, read a non-standard layout. Graphics and fast-paced music with stunning remain cheerful circus-like atmosphere. On a reel, you will see the letters K, J, Q, and A royal animals except the aforementioned symbols. You will stay entertained and fascinated by everything you this beautiful online slot machine game, see.

Respin Circus RTP and Volatility

Then rotating the game Circus slot having a 96.3% RTP, and it is a method of high variance game to win the dielectric layer 64. You can win up to £ 250000. Players can bet from £ 0.20 each in rotation to £ 100, or they can choose to bet one of the strategies in the game. There are four strategies to choose from, you can adjust your bets, depending on if you win the final round or not.

This is one of the strategies to better use, if you have a large capitalHowever, the player with the least budget may not choose betting strategy in the game. Because this game is a high variance, you need to remember, compared to less prizes given low variance slot. So, if you're ready for a high-stakes online slot machine game, you should only play this.

How to play Respin Circus

The re-spin slot machine game circus there are 64 ways to win, a player can bet between 0.20-100 pounds in each rotation. There are six reels of the game, according to the name of the game, the focus is you receive any winning combination then rotate trigger mechanism. If activated, all the trigger symbol left in their place, while the remaining reels re-turn.

Symbol appears in more cases, and is connected to the matching symbols on the reel, they will stay there until you play another re-spin the wheel. In addition, if there is a higher value different symbol appears in the winning payline symbol upgrade function is activated. When this occurs, the sign changes remains more valuable. If all the symbols on the screen is specified then rotate the wheel will end or if there is no symbol matching.

Koislots’s Review

Any thrill seeker online slot machine game with beautiful graphics, good game, cheerful voice would like to re-spin the circus. With 96.3% of RTP, you know you can win. The game is new, but a lot of people have been drawn to it. Especially high rollers, because the built-four betting strategy of the game. If you are quite as charming, and then try to rotate the circus!


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