Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness

GiG Games sends you back to the 80s with this unique and innovative slot. You can find Midnight Madness in the best Koislots’s casinos. Start playing today.

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Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is performed Games developed a new slot, we need players back to the 1980s with its unique stack of 15 single line, in a neon attractive design of the same strain. Moreover, this particular slot is equipped with a single payline, three reels line, so that the game design is similar to an ordinary slot machine game 30 years ago. 96% RTP and the game comes to a high range of variation.

Midnight Madness free spins and bonus

From this new slot game GIG who want without any extra gimmicks ideal for beginners to play slot machines. Although, unfortunately, this video slot machine game to win is not by any means free to rotate. Therefore, it is only by betting on each spin to win the normal pay. If you want video slot offers free spins, you can view a list of slots free rotation we provide.

Midnight Madness does not provide any form of bonus features or bonus game, its players. In this slot, no additional screens to be activated and no cash bonus or reward. In Koislots, we have a wide range of slots and online casinos offer different types of bonuses.

Midnight Madness theme and symbols

It represents Midnight Madness with purple, black color of the background and the sun setting. Just below the orange, yellow sun set, pink, light red palm tree top, which makes it attractive to the entire display. In addition to the feeling of the 1980s reel release, theme music and slots perfectly smooth. The following is a reel control buttons, which has an orange background and a red icon.

Symbols and characters are 1980s-style design; when you win, runner flashing neon signs like that era. Symbol in this slot seven, lucky star, orange, blue neon bar sign with a red digital, pink sunglasses, standing at the edge of death, saxophone, heart, watermelon, banana, grape clusters, lime green, also a lemon.

Midnight Madness RTP and volatility

Midnight Madness 96% of high-RTP, like some other popular video slots online gambling industry, such as clown gem, Arabian Nights and much more. Even if this slot without any additional bonus game features, or jackpot, the game makes up for the fact that providing a great player, very attractive pay, up to 15,000 × shares.

This video slot is all about managing expectations. However, who wants a big jackpot or are looking for a big win, it is better to try another slot. As high variance slot with a high RTP, very high chance of winning, the player can easily build up their victory into a big spending. This is a positive addition to facilitating play tigers concessions.

How to play Midnight Madness

Play this particular game is simple and easy to understand. First, you need to set 0.10 and 15 credits, bet level between each spin. Then you need to select the number of pay lines to be activated - between 5, 10 or 15 - it will correspondingly increase the bet. Furthermore, you can select the functions by using a turbocharger, the roller is rotated in the fast-paced, to increase the speed of the game.

This video slot is perfect for players who love the game, without any superfluous gimmicks, the second screen, etc.It is also easy for beginners to understand, because there is no technical participate in the game. All slots to win this is to make sure you land two matching symbols on the same line you need to do, you will win the amount shown on the right side of the screen.

Koislots’s review

Midnight Madness from our review, we concluded that this particular video slot as there is no need for a competitive industry-leading slot. Unfortunately, the groove has no extra features and do not rotate freely, but that does not mean it is not fun. On the contrary, it is easier to play and simple game that new players who just want to relax or player a perfect fit.


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