Mercy Of The Gods

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Mercy Of The Gods

Mercy of the gods is 5 rows, 3 rows, and from NetEnt 20 fixed bet line video slot machine - namely a return visit to the ancient Egyptian popular theme slot game, but this time three generous dilemma: a small dilemma, the main award and the Grand Prize.The theme of the game is built around a beautiful Tomb Raider / archeologist who is exploring a huge ancient pyramid and find the treasure.The game itself is a good combination between a high-quality NetEnt slot and a jackpot game - the player can go, and less massive wins.The symbol of the Goddess of Mercy of God, of course, the topic of Egypt - and the picture icon to give up the biggest win and the usual A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols given small victory.

Double wilderness life rework gift gift
By using two different ancient Egyptian gift, can you win the equivalent of sky rocket.
In the main game and free spins game, one or more wild symbols landed on the reels activate the reproduction mode of life of gifts.
While this continues, each Wild symbol will move one line. In each rotation, until all the wild symbol disappear from the reels.
"Wilderness double gift" refers to the second perk this game mode. If the land remake mode later in the process another wild symbol Wild symbol, Wild will expand to cover the entire reel, and then give you another gift of life re-spin - is expected for some huge bonus.

Mercy Of The Gods Free Spins
In addition to the special game features three difficulties and win, compassionate gods also have a dedicated free rotation of the wheel, and you can access this when you gather in the main game and rework gift of life were only three scatter symbols mode.
When the free spins round is activated, the universal symbol reel landing will be expanded to cover the entire volume at any place, and then activate the remake mode of life of gifts.
If you have the luck of the gods in ancient Egypt around you - you can easily special functions stains by God's grace, lasting victory train.

Gift Of Wealth Jackpots
Despite the special features - which can give some big expenses - Goddess of Mercy of God may be in its real prize bonus mode, allowing players to be found in their attempt to achieve three special plight of a luck.
To start the jackpot mode, three or more required for a rotation (either in the main game or the gift of life rework mode) collect bonus symbol period.
Jackpot game mode is a 3 × 5, each location is on a separate reel.
When you collect the bonus symbol on the reels, they will award the game to finish off the wealth of the gifts remain on the reel.
It is these symbols, which will determine the prizes you can win!

Minor Jackpot
If a row is completely filled with small prizes awarded bonus symbol. When was hit 20 times equity in the activation of the mini-game winning round will award.

Major Jackpot
If two lines are full of bonus symbols are hit by this award - and will reward you with up to 100 times the original stake.

Mega Jackpot
Move to the real prize target and merciful God, the Grand Prize will be yours, if you manage to fill the bonus symbol of all three lines. So, how much can give you a win? Well, the answer is infinite, because this is a progressive jackpot - which means it grows and grows until some lucky people to fight. You can see how much worth winning you play the game.


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