Hotline 2

Hotline 2 slot by NetEnt has an awesome Twilight Miami backdrop, retro-cool soundtrack and 80s-style graphics which come together to bring this slot franchise back with a bang.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Hotline 2 Slot Review

The mean streets of Miami in 1980 to call you again. There used to enjoy the car chases, the diamond heist and funky neon lights and endless amount of hot 2 they are waiting for you! On the hotline incredibly successful follow-up, the sequel has taken all the original so popular ingredients, and bring it to a new level. Everything you love will have been added to create a more complete video slot machine experience in improving and new features. The scene is set in the context of the classic 1980s Miami, complete with cunning apartment buildings across the sea and sunset. Reel symbol is a police program covering the 1990s evoke the memory of a robbery team is ready to pull off the job of a lifetime. Embellishment in the title game, the hotline functions and purchasing functions flashy neon lights add a neat touch of visual effects, brings a certain elegance streets slot. The demonstration came together thanks to the great musical accompaniment is immerse players further into the theme of the 1980s. There are a couple of great animation, it is also worth mentioning, especially if you are feeling lucky reels activate the expansion of wilderness.

Line 2 can be used to play all desktop and mobile devices, and compatible with Android and iOS system.

So, in function with their own, ready to cross the magical list NetEnt hotline 2 a jolt to offer.

Hotline Feature

Hotline feature is betting bonus features and the best features to be found in a tank possible. It encourages players to interact, choose to choose their own hotline, which determines the wilderness will become a wilderness become expanding reel. It has three different settings can be changed at any time in the game:

Level 1: Base Bet with Stacked Wilds on Reel 3
Level 2: Double Bet with Stacked Wilds on Reels 3 and 4
Level 3: Triple Bet with Stacked Wilds on Reels 2, 3 and 4

With every level, the bet placed goes up, but so do the chances of getting a big win thanks to the Expanding Wilds feature!

Expanding Wilds Symbols

Wild symbols service hotline where conventional 2 features, for anything that will help you get a winning combination to replace themselves. Real wow factor began to function and expand wilderness, a direct link to the hotline function. If the reel wild symbol lands in the hotline, the entire reel wild symbols covering (by cool animation involving high-speed car chase), for the lucky players at home and abroad to ensure a greater victory!

Free Spins

When you try to collect neon 3 Scatter symbols, line 2 takes you into the bonus mode slot, and seven free spins. In the free spin mode, you can scroll through up to six additional sign extension, create, add more each way bet. In addition to generating additional free spins, you can bet your way all the way up to 1944. This will open the door to some truly incredible bonus modes great victory achieved.

Buy Feature

In the lower right of the screen, just endless board, you'll see signs in blue and pink neon lights illuminated. This feature can be purchased at the start here, to help the players a boost to help put the odds favor them. By purchasing function, players can buy their way into free spin mode has one, two or even three active hotline choice. In purchase feature, the price of each hotline will set you back 60 times each bet.


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