Hit It Big

ELK’s Hit It Big features an attractive gameplay with great bonuses and a classic feeling. Start playing today in one of Koislots’s casinos!

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Hit It Big

The best thing elk Studios provides is its high RTP is 96%. With the significant features, rework and excellent animation, Rounds, looks like a traditional simulation game. However, this game comes with some very exciting features, such as graphically appealing reels, attractive bonuses, stacking and locking the wild and huge display mode. This online slot machine with high volatility score of 9/10, and 16.3% hit frequency.

Hit It Big free spins and bonus

Rounds equipped with three reels and 5 lines each. There are several features in this game to win like lock, then rotate function, accumulation of wild features and functionality. In the reel lock function closer look - five and a locking too shrouded wilderness along with three free spins. The game also comes with a bonus in the limelight, which is in motion by getting 3 Bonus Rounds icon set.

When you get three symbols in the limelight, you will get a 5 × 5 grid on the screen with three levels. These three levels are the outer circle, inner circle, and ubiquitous middle of the screen. You can also see a stop sign, display a random multiplier of equity. The ubiquitous bonus feature can really make you rich, you can win up to 2500X shares.

Hit It Big theme and symbols

After the ubiquitous slot design a retro game shows and almost reflect the days passed. When you start the game on your device, you are welcome to use the sound of clapping, who introduces you to the game's host. The whole design of the exterior of the tank, make you feel special. Your screen is the symbol of blue dash golden hue lit up.

Enjoy a very traditional and standard setting, in the limelight, but also adds an attractive combination with its double reel-shaped bars, pubs, 7S green, blue 7S, triple bars, and red 7S classic casino symbols. A screen, you can also see the most valuable symbols- gold treble 7S. If you land 3, 4 or 5 across the reels, you can win up to 50 times equity.

RTP and volatility

This RTP chamber elk slots is 96%, which is very high. The return line grooves or the percentage of the player also determines the RTP. RTP means a money slot players to return to gambling, he laid a percentage. For example, if a slot machine has 90% RTP and you bet 100 coins, you might recover 90 in the victory.

You also need to consider the fluctuation of the game. In the case of the limelight, volatility score is 9/10, which is quite highThis means that players can win big prizes, but they will be rare. Volatility is the risk that any slot machines. In these games, you can have a long dry spell, the player making little or no money, but the end of a sudden windfall.

How to play Hit It Big

Although it is only a payor, this game can make you rich in a very short period of time. Looking at your screen, you can see the various controls arranged neatly in there. Rounds has a wide range of options from £ 0.2 to £ 100, which makes the novice as well as professional attractive. You can be a maximum of 1 £ bet per line in the game.

In addition to the traditional bet, you can go to other betting strategies. For example, optimization betting strategy, your bet on your balance changes. In leveling stakes strategy, then you bet level, 5-game losing streak to improve. You bet levels after a single losses mount, you can resort to booster betting strategy. In the jumper betting strategy, you bet 1 levels rise after a win.

Koislots’s review

A large part of the game is you can keep changing your betting strategy to win big. This way, you can test your game ace it. One of the reasons you might consider playing this game elk studio is its high 96% RTP. Fluctuations in the slot is also quite high. Coupled with 2500 times won the lottery, you have your hands on a great game.


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