Hanzo's Dojo

Release date Aug 23, 2018,
Game type Video slot,
RTP 96.1%,
Volatility 44,
Max win 100000
HANZO’S DOJO is a 5x3 Video Slot with 25 paylines and an additional 3x1 Rooftop Slot. The game has 8 regular symbols that win if three or more are lined up in sequence on a payline, beginning from the leftmost position. There is a wild symbol that substitutes for all regular symbols, a Free Spin symbol that pays scattered and a 3x3 symbol that appears in Free Spins. The Rooftop Slot also features an expanding wild, a Hanzo Symbol and a Rooftop Free Spin Symbol.

Slot Provider

  • caret Yggdrasil

Hanzo's Dojo Slot Introduction

Embrace the warrior spirit, you can win wealth. With martial arts theme for the new and exciting places, Hanzo temple slot machine game is an all-out battle slots dominance. Have a fearless warrior, a wise teacher and a lot of clever features, this fine-tuning is great for the players to enjoy the entertainment and variety. However, before you get into a fight and fight, you need to master the ancient art. To help you, we've compiled a simple dojo slot Hanzo review of the basics so that you can learn to become a real game ninja.

Hanzo's Dojo RTP

To relieve the plight of topping € 500,000 is not easy. With under such circumstances, Hanzo temple slot has 96.1% of RTP. In addition to this, the hit frequency of 29.56%. When you put all the factors, each Hanzo temple slot machine is a medium volatile proposition. What does this mean for you among the warriors? When punching, kicking and symbol starts to fly, you can expect to win a steady stream. Now, just like a real outcome of the battle is never certain, you can not say for sure, you want to win X amount of spin. However, according to these figures, this is a conversation possible (in theory) to combat more spending.

Small Bets and Generous Jackpots

Every time you play Hanzo temple slot machine game, spending will scroll with your line bet. Because the more bonus motherboard based on multiples of the coin, you share, the more you can win. To show you what we mean, consider this example: You choose the size of the smallest coin in three Ninja (0.004) and scrolling. According to the bonus board, the combination is worth 20 coins. Thus, in this case, you will scoop € 0.80 (0.004 × 20 = 0.80).
Now, if you are a somewhat experienced fighter, you can increase the maximum coin bet to 5. execute and play the same combination in all five reels, you will win € 100. Simply put, more power, you put your fist (ie, you bet more coins), better real financial rewards will be.

Hanzo's Dojo Slot Free Spins and Special Strikes

When it comes to the special function, Hanzo temple slot to freely rotate dominate. Although the expansion of the wilderness, the purpose of this game is to put everyone in the rotation. why? So, throwing ninja are masters of spinning attacks, such as kicking. Therefore, the only option in the free spins bonus keeping with the theme, HQ developers Yggdrasil has created. First, three or more "free spin" than 20 lines of this game, each line will be free to sign a handful of laps to unlock. In addition to the bonus game by rolling basis, Hanzo temple slot includes a second set of reels. Perched on the top of the temple, the three reel symbols can unlock additional free spins. Of course, any time you have two ways to activate some free spins, which is a good thing. However, these free spins Hanzo temple tank is very interesting reason is because they are the "booster." Upcoming flavors, these boosters by increasing the wilderness, multipliers, and multi-line, each line combination to enhance your bonus rotation. In fact, it is through these innovative bonus, you can win up to 100,000 worth spending if you bet the maximum, to € 500,000!


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