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Hall of gods slot review

Welcome to our review of the Office of God. Here we present:

• what is this. • • It is not what it provides and many other commodities.

Let's go!

Hall of Gods review (NetEnt classic )

This is the first NetEnt progressive jackpot video slot machine game, became widely known and famous.

This was a blow, when it first came out and age, and even better to do, like a good bottle of Bordeaux.

Game set in the mythical Nordic tradition of exciting, unlike their gods rampage, smashing hammer and shelling bonuses.

Attractiveness of the game is twofold.

First of all: beautiful graphics.

I do not mean "beautiful" as showing the raw power, gravel, robustness and elegance of a modern feel and shiny, but the hand-drawn image. This is you simply can not find in the modern game.

If you are an experienced player slot, you'll see what I mean, when you see yourself.

Secondly, there are three awesome bonus, you can win. they are:

Let us break them down real quick

#1- Expanding Wilds

On the basis of the game, you have an extended wild feature. This is when the earth becomes a snake wild symbols on the plate 2, 3 and 4 of the expansion Wild.

So, if you have a blind goddess of luck on your side, you can get three reels spin completely wild. This may lead to awesome win.

#2-Free Spins

You can activate Free Spins feature by obtaining 3 or more Odin’s Raven symbols (scatter symbols).

So, you start to get between 10 rotating 20 free.

All free spins are equipped with a 3 times multiplier, which means that all winnings will double, if you can get three or more Odin's raven symbol you will win more free spins.

#3- Pick Win

When you get three symbols across the reels Quake anywhere, this feature is enabled. It is here that you can win 1 of 3 progressive jackpots.

How to win Jackpots?

You need to get anywhere in the three bonus symbols (hammer and shield) on the reel. Then you use the Quake break this shield covering the screen. If you can be a winner in the same match 3 symbols, you win the jackpot. Here are three difficulties, you can reach your potential:

In most cases, however, you'll get an instant cash reward, because they range from 20 times to 60 times the amount of bets that is still worth your time.

Conclusion – Hall of Gods: is it any good?

Oh yeah!

This game is not perfect, of course, but when it comes mighty close.

It's classic and elegant (there is a difference); this is a lot of fun, can pay big.

It still offers great entertainment value, like a good slot no deposit bonus and all that represents the bag Netent another victory.


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