Dwarf Mine

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Dwarf Mine

In early 2019 release, it is a dwarf in the design of video slot online casino. Behind the creation of this software development company, it is the Yggdrasil. This title offers players 16,807 kinds of different ways to win. This feature is attracting slot enthusiasts with different interests to try. There are several elements of the bonus, players will be discussed in this article to find in this game.

Dwarf Mine is five reels, 1024 and the bet way to play four lines. Advantage of the layout of the game is that it can be extended. Extension allows seven lines and 16 807 return line players of the game. Reel number remains the same, even extended. Every time one or more bonus symbols trigger the expansion of a line until it reaches the maximum seven.

Dwarf Mine Gameplay Procedure

To enjoy the dwarf mine, the player needs to be told about how to start the game. Before becoming any Yggdrasil in a casino, players can play the game in free mode. In order to stake real money, therefore, a need to register as a member of the online casino to cooperate with this company. Once registered, players can continue holding, they are willing to spend on a single spin of money. After that action has been taken, the reel needs to be set into motion. Autoplay specific number to automatically spin manual option may be utilized may be used.

Players are allowed to mine dwarf placed the minimum bet and a zero point for each rotation of up to 125 pounds sterling. Start tips for players who have never played the game before. For the main game, symbols, players will meet on the reel as follows:

The projects in the mining industry, which is to explore the topic by the dwarf mines. Software developers benefit from the bonus features are free spins, wild symbols and multipliers.

Dwarf Mine Return to Players

The minimum amount paid by this title as one seven five times the initial wager bet. Gamers can take home from the maximum amount of the base game symbol is a point, he placed the bet seven five times. When the play with the free rotation, the opportunity to triple the bet stake, at its lower endLargest expenditure, the player can win is that they have to play five times the bet.

Scatter symbols landing ten free spins bonus reel player has at any given time. It is only when three or more of these types of icons fall occurs. It is in this title is mined crystals are also awarded to the player. When the collection and accumulation of three kind of people; the players landed in the set-free rotation, can greatly reward also have the opportunity.


Audio and visual characteristics are manipulated to give it a touch Yggdrasil in the development of this game. A dwarf layout clanks a lever, when it is then stimulated spool motion, so that the game player spins unique corner of the groove.


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