Divine Dreams

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Divine Dreams Slot

This is a Quickspin slot has a unique theme and style, channeling the goddess of wealth in Indonesia. For this purpose, the slot type using the reels fortune, and bonus multipliers providing different each round. Rework, free spins, wild - everything is possible in God's dream.

Divine Dreams Free Spins and Bonus

Divine dream in the base game and free spins two additional bonus reel. This dish is very important, as it turns out with each rotation, and can be applied a multiplier or bonus each round. The multiplier can go up to 10 times the basic game.

These are the different bonuses available:

Free Spins

Inches freely rotating wheel, at a lower multiplier bonus reel fall away if you hit a super rework symbols. This gives you the opportunity to win up to 30 times multiplier in a single round. If the bonus reel "+3 rotation" symbol on the land, you can win more free spins.

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 God in a dream, you have two types of rework. Triggered by the bonus reel two kinds. Super rework trigger a random throw Ying Yang wilderness to respin reels 2, 3 and 4. You will have to reel in a wild once stopped, guaranteed.

Mega rework may be landed in the super reproduction process. If this happens, then rotate your extra income and extra wild multiplier up to 30 times.


Divine dream is beautiful and calm as the name suggests. Reel setting of stone walls and a simple green background, but the sign is too interesting, never boring slot. Music, too, is amazing. It adds a lot of mysterious feeling, relaxed game. In this position, you'll find depicted as Indonesia carved stone sign a few low-paidThey are a little hard to tell, so you'd better be distinguished by the color of engraving:

Ying Yang Wilds

The wilds in this slot land on the reels during any normal spin or when you hit the Ying Yang Wilds bonus on the bonus reel. With the Ying Yang Wilds Bonus, you get a guaranteed two wilds and a random multiplier added to your spin.

Divine Dreams Theme and Symbols

Divine Dreams is as beautiful and calming as its name suggests. The reels are set against a simple backdrop of stone walls and greenery, but the symbols are so interesting that the slot never feels boring. The music, too, is amazing. It adds a lot to the mystical, relaxing feel of the game. In this slot, you’ll find several low-paying symbols depicted as stones with Indonesian carvings. They are slightly difficult to tell apart, so you can best differentiate them by the colour of the carvings:

You can look like a friendly animal symbol stone identify high wins. For these victories they are very good.

Divine Dreams RTP and Volatility

This Quickspin slot is a very volatile thing, the biggest fluctuation almost came to blows. Given the number of bonus offer, which may be surprising. Many slots, especially for the multiplier is bound to have slightly higher volatility. RTP percentage is 96.51%.

How to play Divine Dreams

God's dream is the way 243 points to win the five, three rows of slots. It gets a lot of excitement and tension from the reel bonus with each convolution. The slots do not feel too unstable - there is plenty of room for improvement is small, dense, most of the time, you will be at least twice the multiplier tons of land with a victory. This is when it comes to waiting for a larger bonuses, such as free spins or rework, you have to be patient.

We think the best bonus is rework, because they add additional wilderness. This gives a good boost more likely than the main game to play freely rotate.


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