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Disco Danny Slot Review

Night is young, and waiting for us in the disco dance floor NetEnt Denny's! Immersed in the lively disco world you spin this trendy reel video slot machines. The Dow Jones ready to spin some tunes, so give your life in the most pristine slot adventure jump nostalgic trip! With Disco Danny, NetEnt has set out to create a tribute to the golden age of disco. By impressive performance, iconic symbols and colors scattered disco, game management provider to create a real experience and real feeling of topics. By looking at the board perfect the design and sparkling performance come to life is an absolute delight, and only through the appropriate background music adds another dimension to the gap immersed breakthrough. Disco tour can be played on desktop and mobile devices, so you can join Danny matter where you are! Read the following, when we check out the action and exploration Danny, so this slick slot mechanical features and functionality. Who knows, maybe this could be your next favorite NetEnt slot!

Scatter Symbols & Golden Multiplier

Scattering, a staple in the video slot features, such that the appearance here as well, but the bit disco twist. You will find two types of disco Danny scatter symbols, each with its own rewards lucky players. First, more generic symbol types silver disco ball. Disco iconic symbol is a symbol dispersed perfect performance, bringing joy to the players face each time they reel it lands. You need these three symbols to obtain passage of the land into the slot free spins mode. Other scatter symbol, the performance of gold disco ball. Two more magnificent with gold multiplier function, will give players a X10 X20 or an additional multiplier in their bets. This could be a symbol of a rare sight than the average dispersed, but it brings with it the rewards are worth the wait!

You can also use a combination of scatter symbols of gold and silver, in its own way for the free spin mode.

Free Spins
Once you have successfully grab enough scattering token, you will enter the bonus mode slot, and awarded three free spins.
For the duration of this pattern, gold scatter symbols on the reels will cascade and land, each granting different ride and reset your free spins counter back to three. Until the entire plate covers, they will still stick to the reel, pushing you to a new level of freedom to rotate or until you run out of free spins.
Each level has its own multiplier, once the player forward or rotate freely at both ends, the sum of all the gold multiplier multiplied by the bet level multiplier and give players their total prize money.

Disco King
Which will fill your reel symbols iconic disco Danny is a stand out from the rest, offer players rewarding it is impossible to be given by any other. This is only a symbol of a disco king!
Well, it is actually a little Danny himself wearing gorgeous clothes, but you get the gist of it. This rich sign holders slot provides one of the greatest return. Landed on your reel these bad boys Third, you will get your stake moment 100 times multiplier.
This is a very rare find, but a will shower you with incredible rewards!


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