Dark King: Forbidden Riches

Dark King: Forbidden Riches™ slot by NetEnt is a terrifying release that will take you deep inside the lair of an evil entity known as the Dark King.

Slot Provider

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Dark King: Forbidden Riches Introduction

View the legendary payment, understand your bonus - the amount will represent your winning Bet online in cash or coins. Any suitable multiplier will multiply the amount obtained. If you score from the leftmost reel to the homemost reel, the Belling line will pay. Only pay the highest winning rate of each bet line. In the dark TOME of the Game Information section, you can find examples of the award-winning combination, if you dare!


If there is no monetary pleasure, it will not be the game of fate and fate! Hidden inside the reel is a region surrounding the curled area, covering 5 spots, sitting on the reels 2, 3 and 4. This powerful area is called ... Visible wild hotspots. Wild symbols in this field will be blessed, converted to viscous wild symbols. These sticky wild symbols are your friends and allies in the dark king - viscous wild symbol reward 1 extra free rotation and stay on the reel until free rotation.

The subject of free rotation ... Let us know the black Dark King's alien treasures in the store ...

Free Spins And Bonuses

For those who are dark and his sacred scatter symbol! Three or more dispersion symbols appearing on the reel activation freely rotate. However, you can activate more by getting more scattered symbols:

3 Dispersion symbol = 10 free rotation

4 scatter symbol = 12 free rotation

5 Dispersion symbol = 15 free rotation

Keep in mind that freely rotating with a viscous wild hotspot, (the shape of the fixed area is a cross). Any wild symbol landing on these viscous wild hotspots turns a viscous wild symbol, rewards an additional free rotation. The amount of additional free rotation granted during the meeting was 5.

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Verdict

A driver of a dark and destiny, not quant library, but a weird, just put together, scroll through your bones with the devil, see what wealth is waiting for you!

A excellent tip will be to fall into free rotation of three bullets. This will give you a few wild in the hot area and the reel. This will enhance multiplier, give you with extra rotation, and add treasures from the dark king …

Bring your fate into your own hand, becoming a prediction of the Dark King and his stupid slot machine players!


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