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Crystal Queen Slot

Quickspin proud to announce Crystal Queen as one of its flagship title. It is understandable that people who spent some time with Quickspin slot, such as crystal queen really look combined with some of the most popular features and themes Quickspin history.

In plain reel dive and found a complete 56 lines, each line of the opportunity, and 5 times multiplier, there is a lot of excitement in this version.

Crystal Queen Free Spins and Bonus

This slot is a massive bonus free spins bonus, but the basic game is the same meet. At the beginning, the queen is a regular crystal 5 × 3 slots. As you can see immediately, however, there is more to it. 3 horizontal clearly frozen. Unlike similar mechanical slots, such as NOLIMIT City Ice snowman, they are very easy to thaw. Wins do not have occurred near the ice to break it. Any win to unlock extra line immediately.

As a result of subduction scroll function, that's not all. Winning symbol is from above, new symbols instead of immediately fell on the reel at no extra cost. With the thaw line, you've got a 2 multiplier, so if the new symbols lead to another victory, the amount is then multiplied by two.

If you're lucky enough to get another win, and that is multiplied by the third consecutive raids 3, all volumes are ice-free. Any additional wins five times multiplier attached to them. Each new line adds 12 additional bet lines:


Crystal Queen offers two different types of wilderness. There are regular wild, which appears in reel 4 and 5 in the basic game. Wild spreading a little more exciting. It appears in reels 1-3, and an increase in the wilderness between 1 and 5 adjacent to itself.

Appears in a free spin bonus, the bonus round wild conventional process in the 2, 4 and 5 spreading the reel spool 4 to wild occurred.

Free Spins

To start the free spins, you will need three scatter symbols. These look like a red center, the sun and the other symbols are easily distinguishable because of their bright color.

This feature will not be triggered, but there are many benefits to rotate freely. In addition to providing more reels to land as wilderness free rotation slot also paid two ways described above, on.

When the free spins, the reel is completely free, which means you will have a complete 56 lines, each line play.

Crystal Queen Theme and Symbols

This Quickspin groove by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale after completion. It tells Gerda, who has released her best friend's story from the opening throes of Snow Queen. Gerda, Kay and Queen are an important part of reindeer appear in the slot, and who plays the story. Low payment symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, respectively. 10, J and Q have paid 1.2 times the wager five symbols. K and a salary paid 1.6 times the bet 5. The symbols have the following values:

Early volume seems a little low, but you have to remember that not all of the difficulties in this slot in order to achieve a multiplier.

Since the sign of declining, crystal queen can feel very fast-paced. Plus how to watch than no animation reel exercise, and not a whole lot to see. These symbols are well designed, and reel sitting in snow. Compared to other Quickspin slots, we've seen better, however, especially when it comes to animation. The music is very cheerful, perhaps a little too much so, but it definitely comes down to personal taste.

Crystal Queen RTP and Volatility

Crystal Queen comes with 96,16% of the theoretical RTP. This is a good figure, one of the most Quickspin slot arrives. As the number of functions is very strange that the fluctuations in the slot is low to moderate. You can feel it. Although nature is very lucrative free spins bonus is difficult to achieve dive plus multiplier reel often lead to piling up wins.

How to play Crystal Queen

Fun fun watching excitedly from the Crystal Queen reel functions can be stacked whether subduction victory. See row after row thaw in hope to make 56 lines, each line never really grow old. Spreading wilderness add some extra action, because you never know how much time you have this wild land.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to slot free spins round with its many additional features. However, there are plenty of things going on with the basic game with a single click.

The layout of the grooves may vary from 5 × 3~5 × 6. With bets starting from 50 pence, going all the way to reach £ 100 rotation, it does not necessarily fit a tight budget gamblers slot. 850 times the maximum winning victory seems a bit small, but this volatility you may not hunt big customer wins.

Koislots’s Review

The Snow Queen is a lot of fun for those who want to beat the big satisfaction who regularly. It is a positive feature stuffed with all timing trigger. Features are more to do with snow instead of fairy tale inspired by the theme of this slot formal, but this is only a small complaint. Quickspin have some back that was so popular for a time and to increase one of its most popular features, low volatility slot. We think there are many like it, but do not try to resolve for themselves.


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