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Cash Vandal Slot

Riot cash from Sweden Play'n GO new slot. Released in March 2019 cash riot reminds me of a classic video game called radio jets. In this slot, the painting looks like a play who wants to train a young spoiler role. Although the destruction of behavior is not something you should take it lightly, it seems to make a thrilling online slot true.

This is short of cash riot:

Cash Vandal Free Spins and Bonus

Cash only possible riot by the four reels, but there is certainly a bonus feature. Around some of the most iconic European cities all around, and we want to tell you all about it.

Changing cities

Riot in cash, your favorite means of transport is the train. London, Berlin or Paris: every time you play, you start one of the games in three cities. All of these cities have their own unique background of graffiti, which can help you distinguish your current location. Do you have a difference in this city, what special features may be triggered.

When you were 4, one by one in any of the other three reels in your reel yellow spray cans city-specific features will be triggered. The fourth reel will be filled with all the features stacked wild, but in addition, you will see what's happening here:

Free Spins and Re-Spins

To trigger the free spin mode riot cash, you need to log in your first four reels and reels 1, 2 and 3. Each time you land on two of the three red cans of spray cans at least yellow yellow on it, but you will get a remake, granting you a chance to land some of the red cans as well. Remember, even a red can trigger the bonus feature particular city.

The actual works like free spins bonus feature will function. The only difference is that here, instead of just one rotary, you can get your 5 rotates two red tank 10 and spin the three red tank. In addition, you'll get free spins which city the most choose according to their preferences, which is always a nice touch.

Cash Vandal Theme and Symbols

Cash Riot is a great emphasis on urban graphics slot. It is modern, it's cool, but it sure is exciting. Feel the spray of art fans might like the atmosphere and the game very much. Even in cash riot music than anything else is the environment.

Although you can see the berries, melons, oranges, and various monetary items you scroll spray cans, other symbols, including notes, diamonds and gold bars. What a fashionable breed!

Cash Vandal – How to Play

Cash Riot is a high variance slot, but at least we have successfully fight free spin mode in Koislots quite frequently. In this game of spin the flash to go, however, this means that you should always pay close attention to your balance. Besides, when you hit something big, you will really feel it.

Cash Vandal – Koislots Verdict

Cash Riot is a surprisingly fun game. Only four volumes and a theme-of-a kind of label, something that slots are provided quite different than anyone else. We recommend that you try to cash a riot, free spins mode extended!


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