Butterfly Staxx 2

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Butterfly Staxx 2 Introduction

It's time to wash out of your cocoon, spread your bright, colorful wings, you can fly out again, and fill in your face as much nectar and coins!
If you do not get enough interesting butterfly Staxx radiation, then here is your chance to get more - Staxx 2 check out a new, equally psychedelic butterfly garden in the sequel of NetEnt.
The game, released in August 2019, has a number of new and exciting features that will make each game fun and unique session.
Butterfly Staxx 2, like its successful predecessor, is a 5-reel, 4 row, 40 bet line video slot fixed with respect to their winnings playing a brand new bonus game called Butterfly Frenzy, also winning several lucky players a huge boost.
If you are packed with features bright and colorful slot for you to do so we can not recommend this game highly enough.

As mentioned above, players can play area multiplied by the entire 3 - so that their potential to win great impetus.This can be made in the heavy mode, when the four kinds of butterflies found a whole stack is activated to complete. Once you start rework, you can reel the second screen covering two left-most reel and butterfly symbol appears. If you are particularly lucky, you can even unlock the queue by those beautiful butterflies second third of the screen.

Scatter Symbols
When you have successfully landed on reel 3 and 5 three scatter symbols, you will be able to choose between two different game modes: rotary and butterfly butterfly frenzy.

Butterfly Spins
If you choose a butterfly spin mode, which is basically a luxury free spin mode, you will receive 5 "butterfly spin." As each symbol across three screens have been transformed into a cocoon, you will notice a huge difference between this mode and normal game.

Activities cocoon converted to add to your win butterfly symbol.

Butterfly Frenzy
In this mode, the roll will disappear completely, and the flocks instead of fluttering butterflies. You initially start with the '10 featured in stage 1 and your goal is to click on the butterfly unlock bonus coins, and accept your stage upgrade.Every time you climb a stage when you will receive 10 picks, which will allow you to keep going and flying high.
There are five stages, by climbing, awards and coins bigger and bigger, you progress.


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